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Rabies in Namibia

edited August 2009 in - Southern Africa
Hello, I'm off to Namibia in November and am told that I need to consider Rabies as a risk. Can anyone tell me how bad Rabies is in Namibia? Is there lots of incidents of people being bitten??? Thank you. . .


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    Rabies is very rare indeed. Unless you're working with animals, or going very remote, you are hardly at risk. If you are spending time camping or in remote areas it is maybe worth getting a rabies vaccination before coming. You greatest risk is exposure to the sun!
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    Thank you David. We will be in a vehicle on our own (no guides) and driving from campsite/lodge to campsite/lodge where we will mostly be camping. . . I'm not sure how remote we'll be, but clinics and hospitals seem not to be too far away if there was an emergency. Maybe it will be worth spending the money for peace of mind. The sun I can cope with!!!!
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