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Ramadan in tunisia

edited August 2009 in - North Africa

My girlfriend and I are staying in Hammamet for one week during Ramadan. We were unaware of this when booking. Is alcohol still availabe to tourists during this time even though the locals have to refrain? And how else may Ramadan affect our trip?

Thanks D


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    The locals do not have to refrain - Tunisia is the one and only Islamic country which does not have to adhere to abstainance; if they want to eat, drink or smoke in the daytime then they can do so.
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    Hi johnk - do you live in Tunisia? For majority of the population Ramadan is quite serious and we do refrain from eating/drinking/smoking and other things from sunup to sundown. Many businesses are closed, banking hours are shortened and other services are only available on a limited basis. This is apart from the tourist resorts and areas where it is business as usual.

    Dunc - you will still be able to have alcohol and you should not notice anything major while you are here.
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