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Russian girl met online, is this a scam?

edited November 2016 in Scams
We're in love and she is on her way to USA. She is paying her own air fare (over $4,000).. Is she for real? Scam coming?


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    If she's paying her own way then you literally found the 1 in 1 million. Or should I say, 1 in 1 zillion.

    That said, there's no way a flight costs $4,000+ and if she is indeed "on her way" then expect a last minute phone call with her describing an emergency situation somewhere that requires immediate funds. But then again, maybe I'm too cynical.

    Good luck.

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    As Terry said no airfare costs $4000 unless shes flying first class, which I doubt.
    A flight from Moscow to New York is about $700 by shopping around you can find cheaper.
    Secondly Russians need a visa to enter the USA and must say where they are staying and their travel plans, so how and when did she obtain the visa?
    Terry is correct at the last minute an emergency will affect your Russian friend who wont be able to travel unless you send her money.
    Until this Russian is in the USA under her own steam using her own money be very very cynical.
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