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Issue with Polish Visa Refusal

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Dear all,
I'm a citizen of Libya and I applied in Turkey for the Polish visa with all my ties related to my own country (Financial support, Working letter with unpaid vacation specified on dates, invitation letter from my Polish fiance at that time), so the answer was the refusal with the excuse that I can't just submit my Libyan documents because it's not a neighbouring country with Turkey, even though I have a residence permit in Turkey. Then my Fiance came to Turkey and we got married a few months ago. Afterward, she went back to legalize the marriage certificate in Poland and she got it done. Later, we called the Polish consul in Turkey and the answer was I would only apply without paying the fees, but that doesn't mean I will grant the visa (they will check all my documents all over again). Therefore, he suggested that I should apply from Egypt because it's a neighboring country with Libya and I can apply with my Libyan documents in there, so I did in the last 2 weeks and submitted (my legalized marriage certificate, an invitation letter from my spouse and the rest of my supporting documents). Unfortunately, the embassy of Poland responded today with the REFUSAL again! and they gave me the same reasons which I got inTurkey about the intentions and the credibility of my return from Poland.
I mean, GUYS! is there any other possible way which allows me to go to Poland legally to be with my own WIFE?
The reason why I'm intending to go there because she already works there and we want to settle in Europe in general.
Also, they embassy officer told me I can appeal the decision, but I'm not hopeful anymore
Any ADVICE please because I spent a lot of money, efforts and We've been stressed all this time.
@Alethia @larryblank @Ella Johnson
I noticed that you are pretty expert in those cases from your comments on previous discussions, please share your experience with us.


  • @Yahia
    You do not state your wifes nationality. Once I know her nationality I can assist you further
  • @Alethia she is Polish.
    I just don't know what is wrong.
  • @Yahia
    What is wrong is you are applying for a visit visa and the caseworkers believe you are trying to get around the immigration rules to stay in Poland . All EU countries including the UK have similar policies not to let spouses in as visitors except in rare cases. The fact you have a Polish wife is irrelevant.
    Why have you not applied for a marriage/family reunion visa to live in Poland with your wife?

    The only way you might see your wife is if you go on holiday together to another EU country but as Poland has refused you tbis may now be difficult.
  • I see, I already asked if I could apply for this option, but the condition is I must be on the territory of Poland which means I must have a visa to go there first. It's really illogical, I checked the Polish governmental website:
    And I couldn't find any other options :/
    It's just doesn't make sense how come with the fact that I'm married from EU citizen and they keep treating me as a single person who wants to flee and immigrate to their country.
    @Alethia it's nearly impossible if I couldn't gety spouse's country visa I would get another EU visa.
    Please, is there any other options with hiring a lawyer or doing something about it?

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    You need to apply for a visit visa to another EU Country
    Choose the country (not France)in the Schengen zone and apply as the spouse of an EU national under Directive 2004/38/EC Freedom of Movement.
    Under this directive EU citizens can apply to travel with their non EU family members within any other EU country.
    The visa is FREE and should not be refused
    Your wife must book a hotel or you will stay with friends or family who will provide a letter and evidence of their address.
    Your marriage certificate bank statements and a letter of support from your wife translated into the language of the country you choose, stating this is a holiday and that you have no intention to remain.
    Once you are granted the visa you can travel legally to Poland where you can apply for your residence permit to stay with your wife
    I have suggested tbis route to other members on this forum and they have been successful.
  • Hi @Yahia you got your visa??
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