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Gorilla safari in Uganda or Rwanda

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Hi everyone. I'd love to see the Gorillas in Uganda, or Rwanda, and would love to get advice from someone who has done this. I assume we have to go on an organised tour, can you suggest reputable tour companies who do Gorilla safaris in Uganda. How long do these trips take, is a week long enough? Will we definately see gorillas or are they elusive? Where do you stay, are there lodges, or tents? Is it comfortable :) How easy is it to go to Uganda, are there visa problems or health risks? Or wars?! Lots of quesions, sorry. All advice appreciated. Sx


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    I saw gorillas in rwanda a few years ago and it was awesome! I went on an overland trip with Dragoman but there are tons of companies that will take you to see gorillas. I booked my trip through (its a canadian company) and if you search there site you can find many gorilla trips..and there are many more. The gorilla groups you would go to see are all habituated groups so you are almost guarenteed to see them. A tracker finds them then your guide takes you to see them. I think there are many possibilites for accomadation depending on what you want to spend. A week is long enough as the gorilla part of your trip only lasts a day (unless you go to see them more then once). No wars that I know of but I don't really keep up on the news. You will likely need a visa but if you book a tour the company will usually let you know exactly what you need. You don't necessarily need to do an organized tour but it will take alot of organization on your part as you need to get a permit to see the gorillas (then accomatation, transfers, food, ect, ect.). Will also need malaria pills but not sure about other health risks. If you are sick you won't be able to go and see the gorillas as they could potentially contract your illness. Definitly a great trip...I'd do it again in a second
  • Hi Suzie, I saw the Gorillas in Uganda last year so can explain a little about how it works in that part of the world! I was backpacking so didn't do the trip with a tour company as such. I finished an overland tour in Kenya and then travelled by bus from Nairobi to Kampala (Uganda's capital city). From there I took a bus to Bwindi National Park to see the Gorillas. If you wanted to you could do this trip in only a couple of days as the trek to the gorillas is only normally a few hours. You will need to pay 500 USD for a permit to see the Gorillas here. I went during low season so I managed to just turn up and go on a trek that day, however they advise that you apply for your permit in advance from Kampala. If you choose to travel with a tour company then I guess they will organise this for you. They limit the time you have with the Gorillas to an hour, so you will trek for a while to find them (this time obviously varies depending on where the Gorillas are) For me it was about 2 hours, and then we you have a sighting of the Gorillas your 1 time slot starts. As for accomodation, I was on a budget so I stayed at the Buhoma Community Bandas and Campsite, located very close to the entrance of the park. It was quite basic, but in such a beautiful area you won't want to stay indoors for long! Generally I found Uganda to be very safe and the people friendly and helpful and really enjoyed my time there. Hope this helps Susie, and that you get to see the Gorillas, wherever you choose to go. It really is an amazing experience!
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    There's some great advice here. I would recommend that you travel with an experienced tour operator, to ensure that the trip runs smoothly and your money is protected. World Primate Safaris ( is based in the UK, is owned and run by former safari guides and is a gorilla safari specialist.
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    Its surely easy going on an organised tour and i would suggest you visit the website This is a very reputable company that runs Gorilla trips from Nairobi to Kigali. Their trips normaly take 2 weeks. You can also contact JK safaris
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    I would highly recommend Volcanoes Safaris, they have different gorilla trekking plans from 3 to 8 days which will suit your demand. They are the only African safari that has their own lodges in Uganda and Rwanda. [note - this looks like it is written by the owner of Volcanoes Safaris - if you have taken one of their trips please comment, thanks]
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    hello, African Secrets Limited ( is a reputable gorilla tour company offering safaris to Uganda and Rwanda. Clients can trek the mountain gorillas in both Countries [editors note - this looks like it is written by the owner - please comment if you have taken a tour with this company)
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    We do help with gorilla trekking excursions. Please check out our website at [editors note - this looks like it is written by the owner - please comment if you have taken a tour with this company]
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    I just finished a 15 days Uganda and Rwanda gorilla tour with AA SAFARIS AND TOURS LTD, and they were great, you should try them. The rates were appropriate and the services were extra ordinary!!!!!!! You can check their website
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    There are a lot of tourists that visit the gorillas without really understanding the political climate of the region. It is dangerous. The operators won't tell you that, and most people that go will say all is fine. But there is an underlying risk with various militias and freedom fighters wandering around. Believe me, you don't want to be taken by any of these groups; the outcome for you is unimaginable. Go if you must, and it's likely nothing bad will happen, but on risk management principles, you're safer holidaying in Basra.
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    We always tell our friends about the wonderful tour we had with Nature Link Safaris Ltd and Morris-The Guide. If you have someone who is considering touring Uganda and wants to hear from a satisfied prior client, we will be happy to speak with them about the services of this incredible safari company.Please check their website
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    Mango Safaris offers a plan that includes a visit to the gorillas, and they are a first-rate company based in Oregon. The accommodations are wonderful, as are the guides.
  • Rwanda Gorillas are now 750 US$ in Uganda is still 500 US$. I can organize safaris in uganda. my wife is from Uganda and since 7 years I organize safaris in Uganda and Tanzania with own cars and driver/guides.
    Contact me for more information

  • Rwanda is nice place also and have much entertainment there personally i will not go to tour of Rwanda but make sure i have plan for it..
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    Visiting Rwanda to see the mountain gorillas is quite adventurous. Its important for you to read this guide here, before you can decide on which company to use for your gorilla trekking in Rwanda:
  • Gorillas are still awesome in Rwanda!
  • Katona Tours and Travel is an incredible company. They offered to us a 7 days tour covering Rwanda an Uganda. It was an amazing adventure.
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    Crystal safaris ltd is the best in Uganda, their prices were good compared to other tour operators. They also have their own luxury lodges in Bwindi Impenetrable forest and Kibale forest national park.
  • The next company that posts an advert here gets banned.... unless they can actually write something useful and interesting about gorilla safaris in Uganda or Rwanda!
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    Hi Suzie

    Its been years, did you ever travel to Uganda? some updates on gorilla safaris in Uganda. Mountain gorillas are endangered species found in Uganda, Rwanda and DR Congo. Once you pay and a gorilla is purchased for you, you will surely see the gorillas. The permit is Uganda is currently $600 and in Rwanda it is $750. You choose the accommodation you are interested in whether tents, bandas, rooms or luxury lodges.

    You will definitely see the gorillas, there are earlier trackers who go ahead of you. You are given another chance in case you miss them but its unlikely that you miss them. Uganda is can get visa on arrival but currently you have to apply for it online and print the document which you present to the immigration officers. There are several airlines to Uganda - KLM, Turkish air, Egypt air, Brussels, Kenya airways, Ethiopia airlines. Ask your doctor to advise on when to start taking your anti-malaria's. Hope you get to visit the beautiful Uganda.

    Uganda visas cost $100. You can alternatively apply for the East Africa visa which allows you to travel through Uganda, Kenya and Rwanda and costs same price.
  • @Miriamtravels has recently done an expert interview with Word Travels on travel in Rwanda - check it out HERE!
  • Hi all, some interesting stuff here, thank you. I was hoping someone could give me some advice around what to see and do in Rwanda, other than the obvious gorilla trekking/safari. I would love to visit Rwanda as I have always wanted to, it's definitely on my bucket list, but I am also interested in what are perhaps less obvious attractions, but must-see sites nonetheless. Myself and some friends have discussed planning a trip to do in the next couple of years, and I am just doing my research. Many thanks!
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    Hi, Rwanda is a country you visit. Beyond the obvious gorilla tourism, there is lots of hiking opportunities, cultural and community experiences, genocide memorials (if into dark tourism), Museums, Lake Kivu...bottom line, you should engage with the locals for an in-depth experience of Rwanda.
  • Have you considered a considered a Gorilla safari in the DRC?! I always considered the DRC to be a no-go country, but reading this post it may be the best destination to meet a mountain gorilla....
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