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Marriage in Algeria

edited December 2016 in Africa
hello my friend want to marry her boyfriend who is Algerian , she is from USA can anyone give me a bit more information as whether they can marry in Algeria? My husband said that it is so hard for marriage if you not from Algeria, as I got married last year in Tunisia, she been to his country and meet all his family and know have decided that they want to marry in his country. Any information would be helpful thanks


  • @mariahamza - of course they can be married in Algeria and it is not hard. She just needs to get all her documents together (like you did) and have them translated (as you did). The requirements for marriage in Algeria are almost identical to those of Tunisia.
  • ok thanks :) will tell my friend as my husband say that it hard cant see why he have said that
  • edited December 2016
    The difficulty with marrying in Algeria is not the wedding but foreigners need to apply for visas to enter Algeria and this can cause difficulties.
    People marry in Tunis as no visa is required and its more straightforward.
  • ok thanks as i think they are marrying in Tunisia now
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