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My shengen visa rejected but they didn't return my original documents??

Hello friends
I am Afghan citizen married with polish citizen girl living in Norway for almost 5 years She is working as a nurse and have enough income
I applied for shengen visa to norway from Islamabad And after one month i got an email from visa office to pick up my documents so i come and saw that my visa was refused and i saw there are all my original documents are missing only 2 original document which was in persian language was present Other documents like
I. Marriage certificate translated to English with foreign ministry stamp
2. My id card translated to English with foreign ministry stamp
3. My wife work agreement
4. My wife work pay slips
5. Insurance letter
6. Invitation letter
And all other original documents
And the reason why my visa was refused is
One or more (Schengen) member states consider you to be a threat to public policy, internal security, public health or the international relations of one or more of the member states
But they give me right to appeal
Now i don't know what to do
I am a local news reporter and i have my own new web site with a Facebook page with 100.000 followers also i am slef employees as mobile hardware and software engineer
Now i want to apply for appeal and i want to be success this time
What more documents i need to attach
Thank you and sorry for my bad English


  • I need your help please
  • @mehdiahmadi
    Firstly your English is very good.
    Secondly you have a big problem as you have been refused under the public policy clause.You need to find out why by appealing this refusal.
    You must demand your documents are returned, you have the right to your documents.
    Under The Freedom of Movement Directive 2004/38/EC you have the right to join your wife who is workng legally in Norway.
    Your wife also needs to contact Norwegian immigration to understand why you have been refused.
  • @Alethia thanx for your reply
    As i want to appeal i wrote a letter for appeal as i am a local news reporter i give my website address and secondly i am a mobile phone Hardware and software engineer i give my shop photo which i was working also i wrote that i am from Hazara ethnicity which has no record of being threat to any country in the world
    I don't know if they accept or reject again
    Aww also my wife wrote a letter to the embassy and she said about her travel to Afghanistan for 5 months and living with me its all i could do
  • @Alethia i send appeal through Pakistan post office i don't know its correct or no because FedEx office said i can't send appeal with them
    Also i want to ask if i apply for permit residents it can be less time because my wife is European citizen?
    And maximum ans minimum how long it will takes
    Again thanx for your help
  • @mehdiahmadi
    The way the EU system works is this. When your EU spouse is living working or studying in another EU country(not their own country) The non EU husband or wife must first apply for a visit visa and once in the EU country they then apply for the residence permit.
    You cannot apply for a residence permit from outside the EU.
    As I said before this is from EU Directive 2004/38/EC I suggest you look it up.
  • @Alethia thanx again for your reply
    Its really complicated As i think that only way is Schengen visa and my visa rejected
    Im my refusal letter was written
    "The application has been sent for consultation according to standard procedure cf.Visa Code 22.Based on this, one or more member states of the consulted Schengen Countries has refused the applicant entry to the Schengen area"
    It seems that other European countries refused my visa now i want to ask if its possible to appeal or apply for giving a LTV limited territorial validity visa only for Norway as i don't want to travel in any other Schengen Countries during my stay in Norway
    Thanx again i am looking forward for your reply
  • @CheersTerry i am looking forward for answer dear sir
  • Not a clue how you should proceed, mehdiahmadi. I'm no expert with Schengen.

    Good luck.

  • edited December 2016
    You do not seem to understand that Schengen countries share information if one refuses they all refuse . The intellegence system is known as VIS
    I explained to you in my first post that this was an extremely serious refusal and you had to appeal.Norway is one of the countries with an appeal system.

    Your wife needs to contact an immigration lawyer this is not something you can do alone. Or you can take your refusal to SOLVIT the EU online legal service (its free in Norway) SOLVIT help to resolve the visa problems of EU family dependents within 10 weeks.

    Something you need also to understand is that
    you maybe from the Hazara ethnic minority but you are still a citizen of Aghanistan a country with strong terrorist afiliations.
  • @Alethia thanx for your answer again
    As you said Afghanistan is a country with strong terrorist affiliations and also all Schengen Countries shares the visa info so there is like no way to show proof to all Schengen Countries thats why i am asking if i can apply for LTV VISA for Norway so only norway can decide about my visa
    And other things i am a local news reporter with my own registered website can this help as document for appeal?
    And sorry if ask too many questions
  • @mehdiahmadi
    Your wife is not a Norwegian citizen so you cannot apply for an LTV you have to apply under the EU rules as your wife is Polish exercising treaty rights.
  • @Alethia thanx again
    As my wife is in Norway maybe i can't apply for LTV VISA for Poland also Because she don't live there
    So i will appeal but i don't have so much documents
  • @mehdiahmadi
    You are clutching at straws.I have told you to appeal, documents are not that important at this stage and I have told you to contact SOLVIT on line. I am sure you do not read my posts as you are more interested in finding a way to get a visa.
    Do you think you would be granted an LTV after you have been refused a Schengen visa on the grounds of public policy and security?
    Of course not.
  • @Alethia sorry if i make some confuse
    And really appreciate your help
    As i said in my 2 posts that i already sent my appeal letter with Pakistan post office i don't know if it was okay or i needed to send with DHL or other companies
    I don't know if the embassy will inform me when they get the appeal letter
    Again thanx i will contact if i got anything regarding my visa
    in your last reply what do you mean by SOLVIT
    Thank you for your kind help
  • @mehdiahmadi

    I already explained that SOLVIT is the EU on line legal service that freely assists people like you who are the dependent of an EU citizen and have been refused a visa. SOLVIT provides assistance and a response within 10 weeks.
    I suggest you google SOLVIT or your wife does and read the instructions
  • @Alethia thanx for all your help here
    Finally me and my wife found a lawyer inside norway she asked 1000$ frm us to ask emigration why they rejected me under threat to public security and sje will ask the reason
    Now i want to ask if there was not so important things as I'm sure there will not do you think they can refuse my visa just because I am from Afghanistan will low economic and many migrants??
    As i am husband to European citizen??
    I am really worried
  • @mehdiahmadi
    Of course you can be refused. You have no special rights as the spouse of an EU citizen
    You were refused under the public policy law which is serious.
    $1000 is very reasonable for this type of case.
    You could have applied to SOLVIT free of charge.
  • @Alethia if the reason for rejecting my visa was not serious so again they can refuse me?? How its possible? I want to live with my wife its not my wife Right to live with me?
  • edited December 2016
    There are thousands of families who are seperated because of domestic and EU law.
    I repeat you nor your wife have any special rigjts. Just because your wife is an EU citizen she has no special rights to bring in a non EU spouse.
    You have been refused under the most serious policy refusal.Schengen states have an intellgence system known as VIS that is shared with the police and other agencies. You have been deemed as a threat to internal security.
    Stop looking for a loophole to wriggle through
    You need to do this by the law.
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