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Phillipines and US traveler on a cruise ship

I'm from the USA and I will be traveling with a friend from the Phillipines. We are staying with a friend in Helsinki for a week and then taking an 11 day Baltic Cruise. I need to know what visas I will need and what visas my friend from the Phillipines will need.

I understand that excursions in St. Petersburg (with Alla Tours) include a visa waiver. I'm just not sure if that works for everyone regardless of the country of origin. I don't want to pay for an excursion and then have my friend not be ale to participate.

These are the cities we will be visiting:

With my Finnish friend
Helsinki & Kajaani, Finland and Tallinn, Estonia

On the Cruise Ship:
Copenhagen, Denmark
Oslo, Norway
Warnemunde (maybe Berlin), Germany
Tallinn, Estonia
St. Petersburg, Russia (2 days)
Helsinki, Finland
Stockholm, Sweden
Copenhagen, Denmark

What Visas will a US Citizen need?
What Visas will a Phillipino Citizen need?


  • @ms_stephie
    A US citizen does not require any visas you can travel in Europe for 90 days without a visa.

    However your friend from the Phillipines requires a Schengen visa to enter Finland and this visa will also be valid for 90 days and will also be valid for the cruise but she must give evidence of the cruise when she submits the visa application. Unless your friend is a permanent resident of the USA a Schengen visa maybe very difficult for your friend.
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