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Bring wife children and mother to germany

Hi dear
I need some help
I am british national live and work in germany .I have 4 children 9/7/5/1 years old who are british citizen by decent they have got british passport.I have got my wife who is Non eea citizen and my mother 58 years old Non eea citizen they all live in Afghanistan. My question is they are all my dependent can i bring them all to germany i need your advice please.


  • @Asif
    The answer is yes your children do not need a visa as they are British citizens.
    Your wife and mother need to apply for a visa at the German Embassy under the orovisions of EU directive 2004/38/EC
    This is the EU rule that allows you as a British citizen working in another EU state to have your non EU dependents live with you.
  • Thanks Alethia
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