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Requirements for asylum protection in Australia

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Hi, I'm wheelchair disabled seeking a medical visa to Australia. I intend to apply for asylum when I arrive. What are my chances of getting protection and what documents are required? Any advice will be helpful.


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    Are you joking. You want to apply for a medical visa to Australia and then claim asylum when you arrive.

    You dont say what country your from, thats important.
    For your medical will need to show you have sufficient funds to pay for your medical treatment and have proof that you can only obtain this treatment in Australia.

    So after bluffing your way into Australia you apply for asylum which can take years to process. You cannot work or seek assistance as you will have demonstrated by your medical visa that you have sufficient funds.

    There are thousands of real refugees in this world today. I doubt you are one of them.
  • @xtinesam - I'm laughing sorry! Have you read the requirements for asylum in Australia? Have you read the requirements for medical treatment? Why would you want to come to Australia- it's probably the furthest country from where you live!!
  • I'm from Nigeria. Actually I have relatives there that's why I want to have my treatment there. Also I have seen the requirements for medical visa but no idea on the requirements for asylum. I just want to be able to extend my time if my treatment isn't completed before my visa runs out. @Lesley any advice will be helpful instead of laughing. I haven't started the visa process just wanna know what I'm getting into before I begin.
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    I am laughing along with Leslie.
    Asylum from Nigeria on the basis of what?
    Your fake application will ensure you end up in an Australian detention centre and deportation back to Nigeria
    Good luck
  • xtinesam, you're the exact reason why another Nigerian (@readytosoar, who unlike you is an honest person) just posted on this forum about the difficulty of receiving a Schengen Visa.

    You're perpetuating the reputation of Nigerians as dishonest scammers and liars. It's people like you who ruin readytosoar's opportunity to legally travel abroad.

  • @xtinesam - ok so given that you have family in Australia (if that is true) you will never get a visa! Australia considers this the biggest threat to visa overstay! Sorry but those are the facts.
  • @CheersTerry i think your judgement is harsh. what makes you think I'm a scammer? Has it become wrong to ask questions? I just what to know my options for extending a medical visa since my treatment will be an ongoing process. Getting physical therapy after my spinal surgery will take a while. If asylum is not my best option then what is? that's what i expect not criticism.
  • @xtinesam
    Of course you can ask questions but you wont like the answers
    Oh now you want to know your options to extend your medical visa.
    Physical therapy after spine surgery does not go on for months unless your paralysed so dont think you can milk that.
    You must think Australians are idiots? Why would they give you a medical visa when for example, South African private hoslitals are centres of medical excellence sometimes better than Europe. Turkey offers fantastic levels of healthcare as do India and Malaysia.Countries where its easy to obtain a visa or you dont require one. Not forgetting Europe and the UK.
    All much closer than Australia and some with world famous doctors.

    As for asylum are you fleeing persecution and war like those poor souls in Syria?
    Nigeria is the richest nation in Africa politically stable so what is your asylum claim based on?
    Fairy stories?
  • @Alethia now I know why they say Australians are hostile to immigrants. I'm also making inquires about Germany and Indian, and to choose the country that is more hospitable. And like you said Nigeria is one of the richest countries in Africa but one thing we lack is adequate medical facilities. So my dear, I'm not going to Australia as a beggar. From the replies I have gotten here even if I were to be given a free visa to Australia I won't even dare to go. These three country were recommended to me for best in neuro surgery and I decided to make inquires. I'm glad I haven't even stepped foot before releasing my mistake.
  • "... @CheersTerry i think your judgement is harsh. what makes you think I'm a scammer?..."

    I think you're a scammer because you're comfortable with being a liar.

    You're investigating ways to stay in a foreign country under false pretences.

    There's nothing harsh about my comments. I simply stated the truth. You're just another liar.

  • @CheersTerry what's false pretences? Have you seen me and am not disabled? Secondly, shut your mouth if you don't know what to say. Spinal injury rehab is a continuous process so don't blab what you're not sure of. It's true I can get the surgery done anywhere but not all countries have spinal injury rehab equipment ments only America, Germany, Australia to mention but a few but Australia's cost less than most countries. So enough with you blabbling.
  • You Australians feel all Nigerians are scammers but I'm proud to say you're totally wrong. I have few Australian friends and they are not as hostile as the ones I have met here. If I were a scammer I definitely wouldn't be considering med visa of which you know how much that cost. From the inquires I have med visa is for 3months and can be extended which is why I was asking for help here dn't know I was going to meet insensitive and hostile Australians. You call me a scammer, I bet my net worth is big enough to change you entire extence. Next time when you meet people don't be judgemental without knowing them. The people I have met here are the ones who make this world a cruel place to live.
  • @xtinesam
    I am not Australian I am British and an experienced immigration lawyer.
    Terry is Canadian. Lesley is Australian
    You were not asking for help with a medical visa your headline says it all
    "Requirements for Asylum protection in Australia"
    You wanted to fraudulently make an asylum application.
    What has your net worth got to do with anything? You can be as rich as Midas but you still need a visa, we dont.

    I told you that you would not like our answers
  • "... If I were a scammer I definitely wouldn't be considering med visa..."

    @xtinesam, nice attempt at back-pedalling.

    The subject line of your post says: Requirements for asylum protection in Australia.

    That's a scam. Period.

  • @xtinesam - you are wrong in that Australia is the cheapest option!! Our medical costs are very, very expensive and unless a citizen holds private health insurance the waiting list is extremely a visitor you will be asked to pay thousands of Aus dollars up front to even get on the waiting list. Australians are not insensitive. The country has been built on the back of our immigrants. We are a multi-cultural society and value those who come here to build a life, work hard and be good neighbours. But then your 'family' has already told you this.
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