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Germany visa got rejected.

Hi I am an Indian working lady and the single child of my parents.My visa got rejected due to below mentioned points moreover they have given me a refusal letter.
*1. The information submitted regarding the justification for the purpose and conditions of the intended stay was not reliable.
*2. Your intention to leave the territory of the member states before the expiry of the visa could not be ascertained.
*3. Your economic footage (base,resources) in India could not be provided sufficiently/credibly shown.

Now, I am going to apply again as I have confirmed round tickets to fly on 27th Dec.
So, if I will get sponsorship from Germany will it answers these questions.Will it confirm my reliability.

Second, I am going to show joint property with my parents will that be an answer to these questions.s sufficient funds and a reason that I will come back to my home country.

Is it sufficient I have submitted my NOC letter from my company.

Please advise.


  • I have applied for a tourist visa to join the new yr celebration with family and friends.
  • Your rejection letter demonstrates that you failed on all accounts in your application.

    The Schengen Visa official didn't believe your documentation was honest or reliable, they didn't believe you proved that you would leave and return home, and they didn't believe you had strong ties to India.

    In my opinion a sponsorship letter and jointly owning property is not enough to convince the Schengen official that you will indeed meet all the requirements for a Schengen Visa.

    Good luck.

  • How I can make them believe then that I will come back to my home country...if you suggesting that my property papers will also be not sufficient.

    I really wanna celebrate new year with my friends and family.i have applied for tourist visa.

    please suggest.
  • Hey Terry, I like the way you are helping everyone, please suggest I really don't wanna it to be rejected this time.. How I can convince them so that they can believe that I will come back.. My property paper will not be able to convince them much neither my job nor that I am the only child and care taker of my parental properties.

    Any declaration from my parents? Any guarantor?

    One of my friend has got the Germany visa if you think he can be a great help? He can take my assurance of returning back.As he also flying to Germany for the new year celebrations.

    What else I can add to my documents to convince them Terry?any examples?

    Please Advise.
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    Sorry, I am no expert. I was simply pointing out the obvious. In my opinion your application was not a borderline case, it appears the Schengen official didn't believe anything that you submitted.

    @Alethia is the resident expert here. Perhaps she can offer you some suggestions, but your present situation is not strong for convincing an official that you are no risk for staying in Europe.

    And yes, of course looking at your friend's accepted application and comparing it to your rejected application would I think be a great help in your understanding what the Schengen office requires.

    Good luck.

  • Thanks Terry,

    Hi Alethia,

    I am eagerly waiting for your advise/suggestions plz.
  • I can't compare it because he has been to U.S twice earlier but surely I can ask him to take my assurance.Seems like Schengen officers they don't wanna trust ppl they trust only U.S returned ppl to make their work easier.
  • "... Seems like Schengen officers they don't wanna trust ppl they trust only U.S returned ppl to make their work easier..."

    Not true at all. A Schengen Visa is a very complicated, very coveted document. The Schengen officials have a very difficult job vetting a constant avalanche of applications, a great number of which are fraudulent. Their due process is very important otherwise the Schengen zone would be buried in illegal immigrants who lied to acquire a Visa.

  • @Nayandeep
    Terry has answered you very well and there is not much more that I can add.
    Sponsorship from Germany is not going to change the facts of the refusal.and you are likely to be refused again.
  • Thanks Alethia, I got first refusal because of the embassy ppl because they took my few papers out that mam it's not required you keep it with you moreover in first time you don't gave much knowledge, second if it gets refused at the first time then ideally a person should be given a fair chance to add more documents, at the age of 33 I am giving my property papers which Clearly states that I will come back to India.
    If I will show 2properties instead of 1 then does it make any Difference and more funds in my bank like my life insurance of Five lakhs and my fixed deposits if five lakhs does it change the picture. Sponsorship and a invitation letter.

    Please give me some examples what else I can add.
  • "... Sponsorship and a invitation letter with grantee that I will return back to my home country..."

    No one can guarantee that you'll return to India. How in the world could they do that? No one will hold a gun to your head to be sure you board the aircraft.

    Simply assemble as much paperwork and documentation as possible. That's all you can do. Has a Travel Agent been paid to cover all your flights and hotel accommodation?

    Good luck.

  • Yes, Terry I have paid for the cinfirmed round flight tickets and as I am gonna get the sponsorship so I will stay at my Uncle's place with his family now..

    I need one advise:
    Earlier I booked through airbnb which now I understood is not the reliable stay. So, is it completion to book the hotel or I can show that I am gonna stay at my Uncle's place.

    What do you suggest?
  • Showing that you paid for a hotel is one tiny piece of evidence that you've spent money to be there on holiday.

    Staying with family might insinuate yet another reason for you to stay and not go home.

    Who knows. I'm just guessing.

  • Np:) I understand I book a hotel. your advise is appreciated.I am very thankful to you to guide me . They have to give me a chance to prove myself right.I am a honest citizen of my country.

    Is there any way or source , any email Id or contact number where ppl like me can get the advise directly.

    Moreover, I am a part of small social female society consisting of 30-35 female members but it's not on papers or illegally registered anywhere but the lady head of that social group can give me in written that I am the part of that social society and I can't leave them it's like a contract for a year and gets revised every yr wherein you pay ten thousand every month (It's like a kitty party) but it's not on papers.Will it work.

    Sorry it might sound stupid but I think I will not find anyone can guide me better then you.
  • Sorry Nayandeep, but I am NOT the person to guide you. I'm just a normal traveller with a little more experience with Immigration/Visas than most people. I am no expert.

    Regarding the society that you belong to... take a moment and put yourself in the Schengen officials shoes. Would you honestly give any importance to a stranger writing a letter about a non-existent group of women with zero legal status who meet every now and then to talk and have tea? That makes zero sense.

    The Schengen official needs real documents and real paperwork that is legal and backs-up and confirms all the requirements in the Schengen Visa Application. Period.

    Good luck.

  • Thanks it was a Great help..I leave it on God now.
    Thanx Terry and Alethia.
  • I truly wish you the best of luck.

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