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Marriage in Turkey

edited December 2016 in Europe
Hello, my boyfriend and I want to get married, already we were planning it but now we have decide. I would be happy if you can tell me what documents are neccessary for it. I am a Czech citizen and he is a Turkish citizen. We will get married in Turkey. Also if you know how long will it take for him to get visa then to Czech Republic. Can we apply for the visa immediately after marriage or we should rather wait for some time. What is your advice? I am asking this also because before he applied as a student for uk visa tier 4 and got refusal, then we wanted to go for holiday to France and Greece and also he got refusal. And lastly when we decided we want to get married, we applied for czech visa due to visiting my family but again he got refusal. That's why we have decided to get married in Turkey before we were thinking about Czech.

When we get married will he get the visa to go with me to Czech Republic for visit? When we can apply for the visa after the marriage? How long we will be waiting for the visa decision?

Thank you for your help and advice.


  • @asined
    Once you are married your husband will apply for a long term tesidence bisa on the basis of family reunion.You can apply imediately after your marriage.

    To marry in Turkey you will need
    Your passport
    Your birth certificate
    A document from the Czech government stating you are free to marry
    If you are divorced your divorce certificate.
    These documents must all be translated in to Turkish
    Its better and cheaper to translate them in Turkey.
    Once translated your documents must be certified at the governors office of the town in Turkey where you will marry
    Both you and your fiance mist have blood tests carried out in Turkey before the wedfing
  • I am going to Czech for 1 week for holiday so I will take my birth certificate and another document stating I am free to marry there in my city. I will have them translated in Turkey. I heard also something about apostille? Can I do it in TUrkey or I should do it in Czech as well?

    The visa for my husband then will be granted? We really want to go together to Europe for travel and then maybe to stay there. Also then we would like to go to uk, is it possible?

    Thank you
  • @asined
    The apostille is done at the governors office in Turkey.
    When you are in Czech Republic you need to take advice from the immigration department as to the documents you require for your husbands visa, which by the way takes seveal months to process according to the Czech government website.
    Yes your husbands visa can be refused it is not easy to bring a non EU spouse to Europe.

    As for travelling around Europe and visiting the UK you may be able to do this in the future if and when your husband has his Czech residence permit
    You would still need to apply for a visa for your husband to visit the UK even with a Czech residence permit
  • hello, I started the procedure of the documents. I could not go to Czech to my country but my friends are gonna do this for me and then send them here. The apostille I need to do in Czech at the ministry. Here I will translate them then.

    I want to ask something, my fiance as I said before is Turkish citizen and I am Czech, we live together in Turkey, I have been living here for a few years. A few months ago my fiance got refusal from UK student visa and then tourist visa to France and Greece and visit visa to Czech. After our marriage we want to visit my family in Czech and then travel around Europe and after that to stay in Europe and live there.

    I want to ask for opinion, advice or help. Is there something we can do for him to get the visa? After the marriage I guess he will apply again for a normal tourist visa to Schengen, right?

    Thanks for any opinion and advice.
  • also one question more....he is a university student in Turkey to apply for the visa after marriage can he apply as a student or he'd better have a job. is there any difference?
  • @asined
    You said......
    After our marriage we want to visit my family in Czech and then travel around Europe and after that to stay in Europe and live there.

    Given your fiances poor immigration history it is highly unlikely that he will be granted a vist visa as the various countries will not believe he will return to Turkey at the end of the visit.
    You need to decide where you want to live and if its another EU country other than Czech Republic you would need to go and work in that country for at least one month before you could apply for your husband to join you under EU Directive 2004/38/EC
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