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Tips for living in London?

edited August 2009 in - Britain and Ireland
Hi guys,
my name is Stephanie and I'm from Germany but right now I'm living in London for 3 months to do an internship and improve my English. Well of course I'm also here to see new things, to get to know the British culture and to make memorable experiences. Maybe some of you, who are from England or the UK could help me while giving me tips what I shouldn't miss? Because I'm a student I can't spend a lot of money and that's why I would prefer some cheap insider tips =)
I've already visited several sights for instance: the London Zoo, St. Paul's Cathedral and the Tower Bridge! On the internet I've found a website named www(dot)discountbritain(dot)net offering 20 % discount on these sights. That's a really good advantage to me because the London sights are very expensive. Maybe you're interested in saving money too, there is also a website for French attractions! (www(dot)smartsavefrance(dot)com)

So I would be glad about getting some answers from you!
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