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Question regarding travel to Poland from Belarus

edited December 2016 in - Eastern Europe
Hello guys,

I'm living in the Minsk,Belarus as a student and its about 2.5 months now. i have got 1 year of resident permit in belarus. recently i have applied for poland 6 days visa over Christmas. my question is if i get the visa of poland do i need exit visa of belarus to enter to the poland ? since i have got only residence permit. or without Bela Russian visa can i travel to poland and again i can come back to belarus within my residence permit ? please let me know any one it would be very helpful for my trip.

Thanks :)


  • @kalam
    You do not give your nationality.
    A residence permit is a visa it allows you to live in Belarus.
    Belarus is not in the EU or the Schengen zone
  • Hi Alethia madam thank you. I'm Bangladeshi live in the belarus as student. my question was do i need having belarus visa while i will travel to poland from belarus ? as I'm having only residence permit in belarus not a visa. i have spoken to my university's international student management section they said i need visa. with residence permit I'm not able to cross belarus visa nor even come back to belarus. they said residence permit only works inside belarus to stay legally. i hope i could make it understand now.
  • @kalam
    You will require an exit visa to leave Belarus. Go to the immigration office ( OVIR) it can take around 3 days to issue the visa. OVIR will also confirm that as a residence permit holder you do not need another visa to enter Belarus.
    OVIR will give you much better advice than the student management office
  • Thank you madam :)
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