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What do I do if my British Passport expires 5 months after I travel - new laws require 6 months

I have dual citizenship with South Africa and the UK but live in South Africa. I am travelling to the UK in February and would like to find out if I can avoid having to renew my British passport at this time. My South African passport will only expire in 18months which is what I would use to leave and enter South Africa with, but my British passport expires in July 2017 - 5 months after I return from the UK. My travel agent has advised me that I need at least 6 months in my passport to be able to travel, but I am just 1 month shy of that and it seems like a waste to try and rush to get it done now for only this trip. Is it necessary to renew now or do you think that I would be able to get away with travelling to the UK with my British passport with 5 months left to go?


  • @CandiceClark26
    Your travel agent is incorrect.As a British citizen you do not need 6 months on a British passport to enter the UK
  • Ditto Alethia. Your UK Passport could actually be expired and after they confirmed that your citizenship hasn't been renounced/revoked they'd still allow you as a British citizen to enter the UK.

    You'll enter with zero issues and your Travel Agent is out to lunch.

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