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Why schengen visa taking longer time to make decision?

Hello EveryOne! Hope all is well! I'm Bangladeshi guy living in the Belarus for study purpose, Can any one tell me? why my schengen visa taking so long time to be approved ? i have submitted my application at poland VFS visa center in Minsk, Belarus on 7th December. my planing of trip is for 6 days only. i have bought up 2 ways train ticket. on 23 December night my train to Warsaw city from Minsk. sadly its 20 December today still i have not know anything from embassy i have keep tracking my application by online its only showing that "your passport at the poland embassy since the day you have submitted''. can any one tell me why it talking longer times ? its stressing me up i have submitted a paid hotel voucher and showed nearly 5000$ bank statements and I'm having 1 year of residence permit in Belarus


  • I'm guessing that having your application submitted at the very busiest time of the year is slowing down the process considerably.

    Submitting an application on December 7th for a trip on the 23rd is barely enough notice even at the best of times.

    Good luck.

  • thanking you first :) while submitting my passport the VFS office told, probably your visa will be ready within 4/5 days and even they said its generally takes 10 days to have back your passport and today its 10 days now . even my trip is very near by tomorrow and still no result from embassy it really makes me to stress
  • @kalam
    @CheersTerry had told you the excert reason for the delay.its stated in some embassy calm.your visa will arrive in no time.
    Good luck and have a wonderful holiday ahead.
  • @larryblank Thanks for your worthy comment, i also hope so it will be arrived in my hand soon as possible before my holy day. hope that they grant my visa
  • Good luck. It's unfortunate the application wasn't submitted earlier though.

    Fingers crossed for you.

  • i know some story's about schengen visa they got visa in 2 of working days! just unbelievable but its true. but about my visa processing it taking so longer time and even only 2 days left of my holiday .
  • There's always exceptions to the rule of course, but you can never, ever depend on a fast turnaround, especially in today's political climate and especially this time of year.

  • @kalam
    Normally Schengen visas take on average 15 days to process so I dont know why you were told 4-5 days.
    As Terry said you should have applied earlier
    Christmas and New Year is probably the busiest time of year.
  • hello thanks madam and all of you my visa not made! and i got the passport back they said they don't believe me ! is it a reason ? :(
  • @kalam
    Absolutely its a reason.
  • how could they say it i study in Belarus. they cant judge me for others activities. before i had visit in Singapore Malaysia . and i live in the Belarus for long time for study . they made a wrong decision about me! i have called them to embassy lots of times unfortunately they not received my call. any way from VFS they say you provided all documents which was complete but we don't know why they not give you, you can call them that's why i have called them but they not pick up call.
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