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Refusal of visa

Hello ,
My name is ismail machaal I am palestinean refugge from lebanon I get married by danish girl in 2012 and we get two daughters, now I am working in nigeira in a position of civil engineer my wife is pregnant with twins and she is in denamrk now , she send me invitation to go and visit her in denamrk to be with her during her birth and support her , and to see my daughters . They refused to give me visa for the reason of ( your intention to leave denamrk before my visa expired is not ascertained ) . I give them all emplyement papers and bank statement that show iam working and no need to stay illegally in denamrk .. can I get any help to know why they refused my case , i want the add that they make interview with me on phone and i explained to them that this is my reason to go . What ai should do


  • @ismail001
    You married 4 years ago and you prefer to work in Nigeria than live in Denmark with your wife.Very strange.
    You will not be granted a visit visa you need to get your act together and apply to live permanently with your wife. You made this lifestyle choice now you are paying the price.
  • Let me explain something for you first sice i get married tell july 2015 my wife was with me in lebanon , then I find new work in nigeira we decide that i dont want her and my daughters to come to nigeira for safety reasons , then since july 2015 till now i visit lebanon 4 times and my wife was there so i never leave her as you imagine , and for me another one year i will back to lebanon and my wife and daughters will be with me . She only go now to denamrk just to visit her family and get birth so i need to be with her just for support and to be with her when she will get birth , the final thing my friend the rules of denamrk wil not give me a permanent visa to go and live in denamrk with my wife untill my wife be 24 years old , and she is still 23 so do you think Iam wrong or did any mistake ????
  • And for going to denamrk and live with my wife and work there in my position as a civil engineer I will be appreciate if anyone can help me in this , dont think I am happy since One year and half I am just visit my family I want to be with them forever but nigeira is not save , and lebanon i will not find a good work so its not how you think me .
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    No one suggested you left your wife.
    Firstly you can apply for the family reunification if your wife is 23 and a half and has underage children who are Danish.
    I repeat you will NOT be granted a visit visa.
    Your other option is for your wife to move to Sweden Norway or another EU state and you can apply to live with her under EU directive 2004/38/EC that is the freedom of movement of EU nationals with the right to have their non EU spouse living with them.

    If you had researched things better you could be living together now.
  • @ismail001
    What are the employments documents you submitted.?
    Will also like to know the complete list of documents you submitted.

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    I know you have good intentions but it is the policy of Schengen states NOT to issue visit visas to spouses as they believe (quite rightly in most cases) that the non EU spouse is trying to circumvent the immigration rules and will not leave at the end of the visit.
    A spouse can have very good documents but they will not be granted the visa because of the above mentioned reason.
  • The documents submitted:
    Marriage certificate
    Birth certificate
    Contract of marriage
    Invitation from my wife
    Pay slip for the last three month from the company
    Bank statement for the last six month
    Employment letter show the salary and the vacation period form the company
    Insurance paper
    Ticket reservation
    Resident permit in nigeira
  • And I want to ask please will this refusal og getting vist visa will affects me in the future for apermenent visa or not ?? and thanks for your help
  • @ismail001
    It won't affect your future application.
    @Alethia(the special one) the immigration expert as said it all and so be it.
    ALETHIA, I duff my hearth for you.tops up and GOD bless.
  • Please last question if now I went to italy empaasy and applied for a tourism visa with all required documents will the refusal of visit my family before one week will affect the new decision. And in reality if i get visa i will go to italy and from italy i will visit denmark . Will the italic Empassy take decision according to the refusal from the danish empassy or not ???
  • @ismail001
    All Schengen countries share information VIS the visa intelligence service. So the Italian embassy will be aware of your refusal
    You can apply to Italy but the Italians will probably view your application as "visa shopping"
    In other words you cant get a visa at one embassy so you go to another.
    Refusals could have a bad affect on your application for a family reunion visa.
  • Thank you for your help. So do you advise me dont to apply for visit visa now , untill I can apply for reunion visa ?? . Since in this case I should wait my wife to get birth and go lebanon to meet her there
  • @ismail001
    Its very sad but that is what you must do.
  • @Alethia what if a country doesn't have any family reunion visa ? my wife is polish and poland don't have family reunion visa what should we do ?
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