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Girlfriend in Russia - Am I being scammed?

edited January 2017 in Visa and Passport
I wonder if you can help me I have been talking to this girl From Russia online for 3 months she has been sending me pictures of herself and her mobile number she said that she wants to come and visit me but she needs it £380 for a flight and visa and she also said that you need 2500 US dollars to pay the customs at moscow Airport also she said the travel agent does not accept credit cards or cheque cash only I know it's a scam but can you verify that you have to pay 2500 US dollars to leave moscow I I have phone her phone and it goes straight to voicemail when I email her she said a phone does not accept incoming calls she can only phone out I await for your reply


  • @neaves67

    Unfortunately you are being scammed. Russian customs do not charge money to leave Moscow airport or anywhere else in Russia.
    The phone going to answer voicemail is another scammer trick, its because the gorgeous Olga from the Volga may really be Ivan from Irkutsk !
    Have you Googled this womans photo? If you do, you may find that it is from a model agency or used by other scammers.
    You need to cut all contact with this person straight away and obviously dont send any money. !
  • Ditto Alethia.

    You're being 100% scammed.

    Your "girlfriend" could very well be a couple of guys drinking vodka and laughing their asses at you.

    Run away now.

    Happy New Year.

  • No there is no such a thing in Russia. Avoid as mentioned above.
  • I had a similar story in the past. Some people do have that as a job. They are even whole businesses behind this kind of attempts. Stay away.
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