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Drug conviction

I have 30 months cannabis conviction in UK where I am resident on a Zambian passport for past 26 years. I would like to visit Australia if I can obtain a tourist visa and since my conviction I have taken to University to study BAcc(Hons) Accounting and I and currently about to complete 4th year. Is it possible with this record to be allowed visa and entry into Australia?


  • edited December 2016
    As a Zambian citizen you need to apply for an on line Australian visit visa. You need to be honest and complete the section pertaining to your criminal history. Its a serious offence not to do this.
    The decision to grant you a visa is down to the Australian immigration officer but be aware that no matter how long ago you committed the offence you received a sentence in excess of one year and this is considered to be serious.

    I would point out that going to university does not negate a criminal record.
  • As an African there are already many problems in getting Visas. A Drug conviction is serious and will definitely hinder you in getting Visas to other countries and other problems in life...
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