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TRNC overstay - re-entry?

edited January 2017 in Visa and Passport
Approx 10 years ago I was in TRNC and overstayed and was issued a fine on leaving the country.
My then husband returned to TRNC and was to have paid my fine.
I have since divorced my husband and have slowly unravelled a complex web of lies and deceit.
I do not believe he has paid the fine and am worried about the impact on me.
I am not planning to return to the TRNC but would like to find out if it was paid, if not, how to settle the fine.
I have no paperwork relating back to them as moved to Turkey then returned to the UK.
It is stressing me as I want to travel with my 7 year old daughter, initially in Europe, and am concerned about this impacting on us.


  • edited December 2016
    You obviously do not realise that The Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus TRNC is not officially recognised by any country except Turkey.
    It is not in the EU but South Cyprus ( The Greek side is in the EU)
    So no one is going to be bothered that you overstayed in TRNC. In fact if there had been a problem with overstaying you could not have left TRNC 10 years ago and entered Turkey.
    I just checked with TRNC immigration and any fine for overstaying could have been paid on re-entry.
    How do I know thiis ? I have had a home in Kyrenia (Girne) TRNC for several years.

    So stop worrying its all a storm in a tea cup.
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