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Bring wife from Afghanistan can't speek english

Good morning and happy new year Alethia
I want to ask a sereise matter on your form i hope you will help me with that.I have three children who are brititish by decent and got there british passport and my wife who is Afghan national can't speek english which is impossible to bring her to uk. I have been told by a solicitor that i can bring her to the uk on a setlement visa without english test on a no win no fee.My question is is there any law or article or anything that my wife come to uk without english test or this guy is waisting my time i hope you understand my problem
Best regards


  • edited January 2017
    Hi Asif
    Happy New Year to you.
    I thought you wanted to take your wife and children first to live in Germany. As you live and work there
    Then after a few months apply under the Surinder Singh route. While the UK is still in the EU.
    Spouses who enter the UK by this route under EU law DO NOT need to take any English test they are exempt.

    As for settlement under UK law there is no way your wife can enter the UK without the language test unless she has absolute proof that she is too mentally or physically ill to take the test.Then she could be refused on health grounds.

    So I dont think your lawyer knows what he is doing
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