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Schengen Visa Advice

edited January 2017 in Europe

I am new to the forum so apologies for the long post but I wanted to give a detail background to my case so that you could assess my situation.

I was supposed to travel to Spain in January 2017 (for 5 days) as a part of University sponsored trip and received a refusal based on the following reasons:

'Justification for the purpose and conditions of the intended stay was not provided'
'Your intention to leave the territory of the Member states before the expiry of the visa could not be ascertained'

I don't understand these exact reasons as my friends who applied using the same documents as mine received the visa.

I provided the cover letter explaining the purpose is the trip, who is covering the costs, etc. I also provided copies of hotel booking and flight tickets, insurance, authenticated bank statements, passport copies and a letter from my university as well explaining the purpose of the trip and also mentioning that it was an annual event. They also mentioned that I was enrolled in the university.

My family is based here as well and I have been living in UAE since I was 2 years old.

Hence I do not understand the very specific reasons.

All expenses were prepaid including food and transport hence my University mentioned the same in their letter that I submitted.

Following this, I decided to submit a visa reconsideration request instead of reapplying as I did not have any new information to provide. I went to the embassy and was recommended a Spanish translator who charged me a fee to translate my letter from English to Spanish. I submitted this letter to them along with my resident I'd as well as a status letter from university mentioning I was enrolled until 2018. Tbh, I don't have much hope from Spanish embassy as they didn't really seem to care much about it and gave me such a hard time to even answer my basic questions such as when and how will I be informed of their decision. My only fear is them putting an alert on the system for my passport. If they do, will I be informed? I just hope they at least remove the refusal stamp from my passport.

Back in September 2016, I was rejected by the Italian Embassy due to the following:
"The information submitted regarding justification for the purpose and conditions of the intended stay was not reliable."
We were a group of 5 (parents and my siblings) and all of us were refused on the same ground. We did sought the help of a travel agent who prepared all our documents. Another agent from the same company previously processed my parents' Italian visa (October 2015) which was successfully granted. They did follow all the rules in Italy and returned prior to visa expiration. So we do not know why this was refused.

Now, we do want to go to Italy this summer (2017) for a month long family trip to celebrate three of our birthdays. Wondering whether the previous visa rejections will have major impacts on it. For this trip, I wI'll be providing a day-to-day itinerary with details of activities so that they don't refuse us again. We did want to go to Switzerland as well but don't want to look as we are visa shopping so will probably stay in Italy if visa is granted and apply to Switzerland for another trip.

What is the best way to approach the situation?

PS: I also have another university sponsored trip to Paris in January 2018
PSS: We are a Muslim family from a third world country residing in UAE since the early 1990s. We do own properties and business here hence have no plans to immigrate elsewhere.


  • @Alizahjul
    You keep saying you dont understand the refusal.
    This is your second rejection on the same basis. For whatever reason two Schengen countries do not believe you will leave the Schengen zone at the end of your stay.

    In your letter did you give information and evidence that your fellow students had been granted visas with the same documents?

    It is going to be much harder for you to obtain a Schengen visa with these refusals
  • edited January 2017
    Actually the basis of the refusal were different each time.

    Only in the second one (Spain) I received rejection based on not leaving the Schengen Zone and "justification and condition of stay".

    The first one was due to unreliable information.

    I didn't mention in my appeal the other students received it with the same documents. I did mention that I'll be travelling and staying with the students and university representatives throughout the journey. My documents were reviewed by my university representative prior to submission and all my tickets, hotels, insurance, etc were provided by my university so we all received the same. Guess I should have mentioned that as well.

    For this summer trip, I'll be returning to UAE after the trip and will fly to maldives a month later (confirmed ticket). Do you think this additional document will make my case stronger? I will also provide my university status letter (that will clearly state that I will be a student till 2018) as well as my resident permit. Do you think these will be enough to prove that I will be returning to UAE?

    How can I make sure that my purpose is clear and information is reliable. I did provide hotel and flight reservations as well as insurance previously and still got rejected.

    For the purpose, do you think a day-to-day itinerary is sufficient? I do not want to purchase tickets for excursions and trains until my visa is approved.

    What else can I do to not receive another refusal for my next application?

    Thanks for your assistance again.
  • @Alethia
    I'm seeking some advice this is my first time in a forum

    My husband and I we are from different nationalities he apply for the Shenghen visa and we got the answer of purpose of travel not reliable

    We apply for tourist visa as we will be 3 weeks in France and one in Switzerland but we attach with our documents an invitation of a student of us we are massage teachers we do not specify this but we are going to give a conference on massage there as is only for 2 weeks we wrote in our purpose of travel tourism

    Now we want to reapply but we do not know if we should be clear with our tourist plans or mention the conference

    Please advice
  • @sunflower
    You should have provided evidence of the conference the venue your qualifications who invited you to give the lecture etc.
    It is no wonder you were refused when you did not give the true reason for your visit.
  • This was not the reason , the main reason is to travel .. and they just invite us because we were traveling that it's my question .. how to put it ?
  • @Alethia Could you please advise me on my situation? Previously I believed that you misunderstood my reasons for rejection. I have clarified the same in the above comments.

    Many thanks!
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