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British male and an Algerian girl getting married in Tunisia

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Hello every one :)
I'm Algerian and my fiance is British. We want to get married and live together in the UK. However things are complicated here in Algeria and it might takes lots of time which we don't have. We are planning to go to Tunisia and get married there because we heard it's easier there. I read so many discussion about similar topics but I'm still worried and not sure about what to start with or what to do as some discussions are old and the law keep changing. I want to join my future husband as soon as possible but I dunno how long it takes and what are the procedures for that. PLEASE help me if anyone of you has experience or info about this. THANK YOU in advance.


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    There is no such thing as a religious marraige service in Tunisia all marriages are cival and legally recognised in the UK, Europe, USA etc

    The marriage is a contract between both parties and can be performed by a notaire in the home/salle de fete etc or you can choose to sign the contract at the municipality who will assist.
    The documents you will require are
    Your Passports
    You will both require Certificate of no impediment - a document showing your single status and ability to enter into marriage. your British fiance will obtain his from the register office in the UK

    If either of you have been divorced you will need the original document of divorce
    Birth certificate no older than 21 days previous to marriage date

    All these documents must be originals and must be translated into Arabic/French - this can be done quickly and cheaply in Tunisia. They need to be certified and this can be done by the translator.

    You should have the above documents plus he your British fiance must show he is a Muslim he can obtain a document from his Iman or from an Islamic authority

    Both of you are required by Tunisian law to have blood tests prior to marriage. These can be ordered by a doctor in Tunisia and you will have the results the same day. The doctor will need to approve and certify the results of these blood tests.

    There is no waiting period in Tunisia you can marry as soon as you have your documents and have booked a date.

    A member called @mariahamza married her Algerian husband in Tunisia why not send her a message I am sure she will help you.
  • Thanks for your help @Alethia . FYI he's Turkish as well. As he's in Turkey now he's bringing all the papers from there. On his ID it's written that he's Muslim. I'm panicking and we dunno what to do. we can't stay more than a week as we both have responsibilities. our biggest concern is the appointment. How long do we have to wait? and will the embassies be helpful, especially mine :( . So many thoughts and fears!
  • @nazilicious
    I know a Turkish kimlik ( ID card ) states " religion Muslim" but a letter from from the imam is required, these are Tunisian marriage laws not what you think is acceptable. If your fiance is British and lives in the UK what papers would he bring fromTurkey apart from his Birth certificate. As a British citizen the CONI should be issued in the UK

    You are cutting it fine to marry in one week, I would have thought your responsibilities could be set aside for something as important as a wedding.
    How will you find time to be together in a married life with all your responsibilities.
  • He's gonna use his Turkish passport and documents to get married. Do you think this will cause a problem with the British embassy when we register our marriage to get the visa? and is it easy to translate Turkish papers in Tunisia?
  • @nazilicious
    If your fiance is a British citizen and you want to live in the UK he needs to use his British passport and documents to marry. Why complicate matters and make life difficult in the future when you apply for the visa
    It may be a problem to translate Turkish documents in Tunisia. I repeat as a British citizen the CONI must be issued in the UK.
    What are these Turkish documents any way, his birth certificate and what else?
    I suggest you both start thinking realistically.
  • we asked a British lawyer and he said as long as the names on both passports match it's not a problem. As for translation It's just his birth certificate that needs to be translated coz the CONI is written in 7 languages.
  • @nazilicious - so you asked a 'British' lawyer. Is he aware of the laws of Tunisia. @Alethia is giving you the correct information! It is much easier to marry in Tunisia if your fiance brings his British papers - believe me!! The Turkish dox can be translated in Tunis and it is easier if all the other documents are in English - they are very easily and quickly translated. How can the CONI be written in 7 languages? Even so - it has to be certified etc.
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    What nonsense ! A Certificate of No Impediment (CONI) has to be applied for from a British register office because your fiance is British. A CONI is writen in one language ENGLISH.
    No CONI is written in 7 languages you dont know what your talking about.
    Your fiance will not be granted a CONI using his Turkish passport as this is a British document.
    Why are you people are trying to complicate matters ? What is your fiances problem about using his British passport?

    I am a British lawyer with 25 years experience in immigration. Lesley is married to a Tunisian and has lived in Tunisia for many years.

    Its normal for people in your position to make things as easy as possible for their marriage and later visa application. You and your fiance seem to want to make things as difficult as possible.
  • No, it's just that he's in Turkey and cannot get the documents from England. He got his certificate of no impediment and birth certificate from Turkey and one of them happened to be written in 7 lages. Trust me! we're not complicating things, we're trying to make it as simple as we can.
  • @nazilicious
    So if your fiance lives in Turkey does he realise that when he goes back to the UK to apply for your spouse visa he will need to have a job that pays £18,600 a year. He needs to be in that employment for over 6 months. If he is self employed he will need to prove he has been working for over one year before you can apply for your visa

    I still cant understand why he is not using his British passport as a British citizen he could have obtained a CONI from the British embassy.
  • @Alethia He is aware of that. As I mentioned previously due to some circumstances he couldn't go there and get these documents.
    Thanks a lot for your assistance.
  • hello everyone :) am an algerian man , me and my fiance want to go for a UK fiance visa , plz i need some info on the matter and is it obtainebale ??
  • @abdoufitt
    Have you and your fiance actually met in person not just on the internet? That is very important
    A fiance visa costs double the price of a marriage visa
  • thank you @Alethia we changed our minds and now we want to get married :blush: inshlh and yes we did met each other she spent a week with me , cuz of her work ): i just want to ask about the EEA family permit is it a good choice ?
  • @abdoufitt
    If your fiance is a British citizen you cannot apply for an EEA residence permit to live in the UK
  • @Alethia no , it is a EU citizen practising her treaty rights by working there for 2 years now , i just want to know if our marriage duration is a bit short ( one month ) it will be an issue ? and if we are recuiered to add prove of relationship and so on ?
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    I am confused, first you say you want to get married now you say you are married for one month.
    It does not matter how long you have been married.
    You are required to give proof of your relationship.Photographs, communication and evidence of your partners visit (visa stamp airline ticket)
  • @Alethia sorry for the confusion we want to get married but also we want to apply directly after that and we want to make sure it wont cause a problem !
  • can the brexit rules effect the EEA (fp) ?? and if yes , in what way ?
  • @abdoufitt
    Brexit will not affect your application as Britain is still in the EU
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