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Boarding my flight from Brazil to Cuba without Tourist Card?

edited January 2017 in - Cuba
My name is George,am a Nigerian Citizen and I live in South Africa,Please u hold a Working Permit for Cayman Island and am on my way to Cayman,but due to no direct flight from Africa I have to purchase 3 separate tickets, One from Emirate to Brazil(Sao Palo) and to Cuba on Copa Airline and to Grand Cayman on Cayman Airways, pls I did call the emirate I was told they will allow me board to Brazil once I show my onward ticket but my question is that will I be allowed to transit in Brazil and board my flight to Cuba since I got no Cuba Tourist Card for Cuba at hand or will I be allowed to board in Brazil and I have it bought in Panama while on transit in panama?or can I be allow to board in Brazil or panama without it since am gonna be in transit in Cuba for my next flight to Cayman island for less than 72 hours ? And again, if I decide to take Aeroflot Airways from Dubai to Havana (Cuba) will I be allowed to board Aeroflot in Dubai since I dont have Cuba Tourist Card and will they allow me transit in Russia since am on my way to Havana and am gonna be transit for less than 72hours in Cuba to Cayman ? Thanks hope to see yr responds.


  • Your post is confusing/difficult to read. The only information necessary is your departure points to Cuba.

    The Cuban Tourist Card/Visa is available for purchase in Grand Cayman before your flight to Cuba.

    Good luck.

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