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Netherlands application

Hi am Abby. I have aplied for a 2 weeks summer course in Netherlands. I have made payment for both course materials and accommodation. Have received my letter from the school. Gotten all my documents ready for interview which am a bit scared cos it's my first time of applying visa and my family are there but am not going to stay with them and they are not aware of my school because am working and processed everything on my own. It is true they often refuse visa for the first time even if your documents are intact and also my aunt is adding up a sponsoring letter it necessary to add up to my bank statement. Are my chances high of getting my visa or what necessary procedures can I do to get my visa accepted (ghana)


  • @abby87
    It is not true that the visa is refused the first time you apply,
    Your aunt is not a sponsor unless she lives in the Netherlands. If she wishes to support you financially from your own country she will need to supply 6 months bank statrements, an employers letter and payslips as well as her own letter to say she is supporting you. Why do you need her help if you are working?

    What do you mean by "is it neccesary to add up my bank account?" You must submit 6 months bank statrements and evidence of your employment.
  • thank you Alethia. My account statement to present to the consular is less than 4000usd and I am thinking they might say my finances is not enough. my contract document and pay slips are all intact though. my interview is in april and the course is in july. I hope they consider the time ahead I still will have enough in my account. what do u say about that?
  • @Alethia
    " is it necessary to add up to my bank statement" I mean my aunt's bank statement or its enough to go with my own bank statement and pay slips?
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