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Tunisian married to usa citizen

edited February 2017 in - Tunisia
hi im tunisien man married to a women usa i wanna aske what is the papers and recuirment for apply k1 visa
thank you soo much


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    @alethia expert in this will help u :D
    but dunno wich u shall apply k1 or k3 :P
  • @Alethia
    hi alethia im sorry i want aske you a bout k3 visa not k1 because im married and my wife is come to tunisia and married and now my wife return to america i wanna aske you about k3 vissa not k1 vissa because k1 for fiance and me im married and thank you .
  • @mehdi
    Here is the information regarding a US K3 visa
    Most of the work for the application must be done by your wife not you.
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    @alethia thank you
  • @Alethia hi please i wanna ask you about ( joint sponsor) my wife no maik soo much money in her job she will need joint sponsor thes lawyer tell her she need to shaw in cam for paste 3 years and questionis right or what ? thank you
  • @mehdi
    If your wife is on a low income she could ask a friend or family member to be a joint sponsor. Very few people are willing to accept financial responsibility for someone they do not know from a foreign country.
    Of course your wife has to show her income over the years as this helps the US immigration service to decide if she is able to sponsor you.
    Perhaps your wife should get a second job.
  • Maybe this woman is working hard enough already!!!!
  • no thank ypou my wife work soooooooooooo hard with one job no 2 job this is so heard
  • edited March 2017
    Unless your wife has sufficient income or a joint sponsor you wont be going to the USA
    Comments like "Maybe this woman is working hard enough already!!!!" are unhelpful. If this woman has insufficient funds to meet the sponsorship criteria her husband will not be granted a visa.
  • hi @Alethia i wan aske you; if my wife came to tunis and still her with me what process i do and how much time still with me all life . thank you
  • @mehdi
    Your wife needs to live in the USA for you to apply for a US visa, you cannot apply for a US visa while she lives with you in Tunisia
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