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Netherlands visa rejected for Pakistani and srilankan

edited February 2017 in - Dubai
Hey. Me and my friend applied schengen visa together for Netherlands from UAE but it got rejected. We want to apply again with invitation letter from netherlands. Can any one suggest with what things we need to carfull this time??? Rejection reason was" you have not provided proof of sufficient means of subsistence....!


  • @Adeelsohail
    The refusal means you did not have enough money for your trip. An invitation letter is not going to help you if you dont have money
  • I have presented good bank statement. Al though my salary is less but i have small side business so i was keep putting money. More ever i have mentioned i will be using my credit cards. Tomorrow i need to resubmit should i put more in my account and take statement?
  • @Adeelsohail
    Your idea of a good bank statement and that of the caseworker is obviously very different.
    If you dont have sufficient funds you will be refused again.
    You are running two threads on this forum on the same topic, which not acceptable or neccesary.
  • Hey i apologise for that, actually i got answers from both of you so that why i replied on both threads.
  • @Adeelsohail
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