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Advice for travel to Europe - visa

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hello, i just had an interview in portugal embassy here in Qatar. I gave all the complete documents. and i saw on application form the "C" visa decision. I am from philippines. working here in qatar for more than 2 years as administrative.
they took my passport and they said to wait after 2 weeks for the call if my visa will be approve or refuse.
in my itenary i made date of travel of 20 days. my money was almost 3000EU in my bank statement.
Im worried with itenary bcoz it was just a booking and not confirmed tickets. I just a friend to make a booking for me.
the consule asked me if i have a friend in portugal i said no, i dont know anyone there just wanna travel.

im so worried if the will approve my visa, i really hope the will not deny it.
this is my first time travel in Europe.


  • Good luck.

  • Hello @CheersTerry my visa just refused now going to Portugal. The 2 reason are :
    1. the information submitted regarding the justification for the purpose and conditions of intended stay was not reliable
    2. Your intention to leave the territory of the member of state before the expiry of visa could not be ascertained..

    I passed all the documents completed!
    But I'm thinking maybe it's about my travel date coz I made my itenary march 25-April 20 which is almost a month of stay..
    I have the letter from my employer written my salary
    My bank statement which my account was almost 3k EU.

    The consule told me that I can appeal it within 15 days .
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    Obviously your documents were not complete.
    You failed to show strong ties to your home country
    There was something wrong with your accomodation/hotel bookings and travel arrangements.

    Please do not ask the same question in two different sections. I have deleted your identical post.
  • @Alethia what can I do ? I want to appeal it within 15 days ... shall I make another booking or tickets and hotels on short time period like 7 days I will stay in Portugal?
  • Please help me ! I don't know what to do . This is my first time travel to Europe. I'm so disappointed and upset
  • Well, I think your plan A will be to take regular follow ups. For just 20 days I don't think it may gone a trouble you. Plan B will be to apply for 7 days
  • @magandita
    Appeals in some countries are a waste of time and take a long time to complete.
    I repeat it is not the length od the stay, you need to confirm your accomodation/ hotel and show stronger ties to your home country an employers is not enough.
  • What if try to other embassy? I heared France embassy here are giving easily visa like my colleagues.. I will make documents going to France, but when I get visa I will go to Portugal... is it ok? Is there any problem with that ?
  • Do they system ( shengen areas) that can check if someone made an application already?
    I'm planning to try in France embassy
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    All application information is shared so "shopping" for the Visa in another country is frowned upon.

    In any case you're not listening. Your documentation was very weak. They didn't believe anything you submitted. That's what you have to fix.

  • @CheersTerry @Alethia thank you all for the working now to change my travel dates a nd make new bookings of flight and hotel. i have another question, if they approved of visa how long the duration of visa usually for first time?
  • if they will give visa, can i use and travel it after a month? coz im not sure yet when i will travel
  • @magandita
    If you dont know when you will travel its no wonder you were refused. Schengen visas are issued for the length of time requested on the visa application.
    If your trip is one week you will be granted one week so you need to be exact about your travel dates and plans.
  • how long usually the visa they are giving?
  • what if i got the visa and i didnt travel on the date i declared? is it possible to use on te following month?
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    "... what if i got the visa and i didnt travel on the date i declared? is it possible to use on te following month?...

    Alethia just posted that you need to be exact with your travel dates and plans!

    Are you not reading any of the answers given to you!

  • @magandita
    No you cant travel the next month or whenever you like. You need to travel on the exact dates you asked for. No wonder your visa was refused.
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