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Tunisia to uk visa documents required

Hi again
I just wanted to clarify what documents would be required by both of us for visa requirements. My partner will be applying in the summer to come here from Tunisia.


  • @teikotamalamutes
    You need to say if he intends to visit the UK or apply for settlement as your spouse?
  • Sorry yes as my spouse
  • @teikotamalamutes
    Applying for a spouse visa to settle in the UK, is extremely complicated. You need to follow closely the UK immigration rules as specified in Appendix FM and Appendix FM-SE
    I suggest you take advice from an immigration specialist or solicitor.
    You need to be earning over £18,600 per annumto bring your spouse to the UK and the documents depend on whether you are employed, self employed etc.
  • edited February 2017
    Hi again... I'm the one you spoke to in January about the circumstances being a carer for my disabled son
  • @teikotamalamutes
    I remember your message and on 5 January I told you that for this type of application you needed specialist immigration advice as these applications ae complicated.
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