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Hi I think I am being scammed met this lovely lady on a dating site she comes from the us but was born in Brazil all started cause she was in the UK for her brothers wedding anyway we spoke via whattsapp and we Skyped she sent pictures and it was the same girl she asked to help with a plane ticket to come to the uk to see me and I said yes so I started sending money weakly via her brother then she dropped a bomb she'll saying that her work wad sending her to ghana a month b4 she was ment to come over that was back in November 2016 but she is still thete wanting to get out of the country I still speak to her and she wad asking money for a visa and I said no then she said about this senior doctor that can help us raise money all he wanted wad my details which I didn't do then she went quiet then out of the blue she emailed me saying don't use whattsapp as I have been hacked and that I haven't been talking to her so she told me to use viber a different texting service and after a couple of days she had asked me for £120 pounds to help her get a medical and police certificate I did Google search her and All the pictures match this person who j have been talking to but still not sure as her surname comes from ghana and that is kissiedu so I went on fb and put in her name irene kissiedu and and black lady came up funny enough she was from accra ghana can any one help me


  • @simon1970
    Firstly she is not a lovely lady she is a scammer and you need to stop all contact with her.
    You should never give money to someone you have never met in the real world. Even then you should be wary.
    Taking money and then failing to show up is a standard scam as is asking money for medicals,certificates and basic travel allowance. Why is she asking you for money, why not her brother?
    You know she is fake, who knows her real indentity, so get her out of your life and move on.
  • 100% scammer. Move on with your life.

  • I had the same issue hapoen with me...this man Michael that I was talking to had a son who he said was in Ghana. ACCRA. And asked me to send I sent 100. And now this man is wanting me to send 2500.00. And says it's for a BTA fee. I called him a liar. And he gets upset when I do that. He says he is stranded there in greece. Athens. And desperately wants to come to illinois to see I'm not sending anything
  • And also he has been trying to call me and the number comes through as Unknown!!
  • @Bella1964
    Please block this scammer and stop all contact. You know there is no such thing as BTA and that this person will do anything to get money.

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