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Schengen visa for Norway refused, what to do now?

My fiancee applied for a three months tourist visa to come and visit me in Norway next month. I am pregnant and will give birth to our baby in march so it is very important that he is here. He is a Cameroonian citizen living in Cameroon and I am Norwegian. This is the second time we apply and get rejected. This time I was his economical guarantee. We have attached all the documents we should. The only problem is that he is a student and does not have a job in Cameroon, so it is difficult to prove his ties to his home country and that's why they turn us down. Any suggestions what we can do next? We are considering applying for another schengen country and meet there instead, or should we try and apply one for time for norway? I know that visiting your children gives you a solid ground for getting a visa even if your ties to your home country is week. Therefor I am very comfused and dissapointed that the visa application was rejected. Hope someone outo there have some good advices for us in this difficult situation.


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    You fiance will be refused for the same reason if he applies to another embassy and "visa Shopping" is frowned upon (visa shopping is when your refused at one embassy and you try other embassies) so this will not help you.
    Having European children is not "solid ground" for granting a Schengen visa.
    Marriage is the only way you can be together but you both sound very young.
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    So if he applies for Italy for example and gets invited by an Italian citizen and not for the purpose of visiting me in Norway, but to stay in Italy. Is that also seen as visa shopping? We were planning to get married while he was here since getting married in Cameroon makes it harder to get the marriage approved in Norway. And besides I can not travel to Cameroon with a newborn, so then it's going to take a while before he can meet his son.

    The reason why we would consider another embassy when applying for Norway is that Norway does not have an embassy in Cameroon, and it's the Belgium embassy that has made the decision. I know that UDI, wich is the immigration authority in Norway, consider visiting children an important aspect when considering a visa application since the childs best interest is central in our society and practice. At least that is the information UDI gives.
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    Also will several tourist visa rejections later affect the application of a student residence permit when you fullfill all the criteria for this type of permit?
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    If your fiance applies for a student visa there is a likelihood he can be refused again.
    Yes it is considered visa shopping to go to another embassy so soon after a refusal. I can assure you that if his ties to his home country are not strong enough for Norway and the Belgians they wont be strong enough for Italy.
    Its not the UDI that makes decisions but the caseworker in the embassy.
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    Thank you for your answer. I´m still hoping the student visa at least will be a success if he is admitted to a Norwegian university.
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