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Schengen visa refusal

I applied for short tourism visa to the French embassy and after 7 working days the replied with a rejected answer,and the reason was that the intention to leave the member of the state in not ascertain..even though my whole documents were completely attached..I am Egyptian lady who's working in qatar. What I ve to I ve to apply from another embassy or I ve to wait more months before that? And is that will affect my upcoming application?


  • @Touristvisa123
    Every one who writes that they have been refused a Schengen visa claims that they sent in perfect documents. Yet when we dig deeper there is always a reason.
    You must show a strong reason to return to Qatar and your ties to Qatar, if you cannot do this you wont be granted a visa from any Schengen country.
    Applying to another embassy will not help you, just the opposite, it can mean another refusal.
    You do not have to wait months to apply , you can reapply at any time.
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