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Possibility of extended stay in South Korea

Dear Alethia,
I've been reading your comments about visa's for South Korea. I hope you can give me some advice :)
I am currently in Seoul. I came on 1st of February and i got the stamp in the passport that i can stay until 1st of May.
My problem is that i am unemployed now, and i came here with my boyfriend who got a job in one of their's hotels.
I just want to know is there any visa i can get, since i am not married but i just want to be with him while he is working here, and i don't want to risk and go out and try to come back in the country without a visa. I am from Serbia and my boyfriend is French.

Thank you in advance for your time.


  • @Jelena13
    Finding a job in South Korea isn't easy - especially as foreigner. You do not say if you have any qualifications or skills to offer. What languages do you speak fluently ?

    Surely you knew you would be unemployed when you followed your boyfriend to South Korea.
    My first thought is , cant your boyfriend find you a job at his hotel?

    Here are some job portals, newspapers relevant to seeking employment.

    1. COEX Convention Center
    It is renowned for its international exhibitions and conventions in Seoul, the capital of South Korea. Among its numerous events, the COEX Center often holds job fairs where representatives from varying companies seek potential employees. To see the schedule of events, visit:

    If you are looking for a job and need an effective resource other than the internet, there are a number of newspapers that may offer some assistance.

    “The Korea Herald” is the most popular bilingual newspaper for readers both in and out of South Korea. You have the option to subscribe abroad or while in Korea and in which language you prefer it to be printed.
    “The Korea Times” is another popular choice for English and Korean speaking readers. This newspaper even has a separate section for foreigners who are looking for a job which makes the search even easier.

    Korea Infogate is the most basic and effective Internet tool for connecting everyday people and businesses alike. The site attracts people who are simply interested in Korea or have a desire to work there. Its user-friendly search engine provides meaningful travel and business resources making it easy to find and contact companies in South Korea.
  • Dear Alethia,
    Coming here to Korea wasn't really planned for both of us. We were working in the same company in Abu Dhabi for past 2 years and we decided to leave the UAE. He is working as a chef so for him finding a job was very easy, and he got this excellent opportunity and in less then 2 weeks he had to move here.
    I speak English and Serbian, but I see that if I want to continue my career here in the similar positions I am qualified will not be easy, because i don't speak Korean. I have more then 6 years of experience in customer service and as an office admin, and last two years I was working as a Senior Operations Coordinator in UAE in catering company. We tried to find something for me in the same hotel where he works, but now they don't have any openings to match my profile.
    Thank you for the response and for listing the above mentioned job sites and newspapers. I will continue with my research and hopefully something will come up :)
  • @Alethia one more thing I forgot to mention. I contacted Serbian embassy in Seoul, hoping they can give me some advice. They told me I should go to Immigration office and see what options I have for visa.
    Do you think this can help me somehow or I should stick to trying to find a job by myself?
  • @Jelena13
    I would not go to immigration directly do not bring attenntion to yourself, but find out about visas through an immigration lawyer.
    Your boyfriend found a job and you followed to a country where you have little or no chance of finding work.
    Personally I think you are foolish to give up a good job in the UAE to follow a man you are not married to. Marriage may be old fashioned but in such situations it offers security.

    I lived and worked abroad for many years as a single woman I would never have followed a man without securing my own position.

  • @Alethia There was more problems and reasons why I left UAE and not just to follow my boyfriend. Anyway, thank you for your response.
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