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Procedure for an indian boy to marry a turkish girl.

My son is currently in Australia, would like to marry a Turkish girl, Please explain the procedure? What are the documents required? How much time it requires to register the Marriage? How much time will take to update the name in the passport (adding husband name)? Are there any lawyer who can do this service and its cost?

Thanks for your kind help.


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    By posting two different questions on this forum you have made things very confusing. It was not until I read your second question I see that your son and his girl want to marry in Istanbul. In future please post one question with all the details. The fact your son lives in Australia is irrelevant.

    A civil ceremony is the only legally binding type of ceremony possible in Turkey
    There is no minimum residency period prior to the wedding.
    The marriage is registered imediately
    Marriages performed in Turkey are internationally recognised and legally binding

    Your son will need the following documents.
    1. A Certificate of No Impediment (also called a Certificate of Capacity to Marry/Certificate of Celibacy). Dependent on his nationality the certificate will be issued in your country of residency or obtained from the relevant Embassy in Turkey
    2. His birth certificate
    3. The divorce certificate if he has been married before
    4. His passport

    The documents must be translated into Turkish and an apostille granted free of charge from the governors office in Istanbul

    Both your son and his girl must have blood tests carried out at a clinic in Turkey

    As for updating the family name on the girls passport your out of date. In the modern world a woman does not have to take her husbands surname ( I never have)
    If the girl wants to change her name she will change her passport at the Turkish passport office. She does not need a lawyer.

    Turkey and Istanbul in particular are very civilised your sons girlfriend is Turkish there should not be any problems
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