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UK Business Visa

Good day.
I finally got married in January thsi year after my trip to Germany (which you helped me to attain by your advice). Now i have an upcoming business trip in the UK coming June and i will need to apply for UK business visa. However my husband is a british living in Dubai together with me and i'm afraid the Visa officer might think that i am intentionally applying for business visa for a means to travel with my husband to the UK.

As already told you in my earlier message to you, I do own this Shipping company here in Dubai and that is the only property i own here by myself and im 26 years old. Currently i have to go to the UK to renew our contract with our Shipping Agent in Felixstowe, same as i did with our agents on Hamburg, Germany.

Will appreciate any advice and docs you may suggest for me to add to make obtaining the visa a success.
Please do note, my husband will not travel me as he has his own work to fulfill.

Thank you in advance


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    I am pleased you were able to go to Germany with our help.
    For the UK business visa, you need strong evidence of your business, show the contracts you have with other countries for example, a letter from and the contract with the Felixstowe agent. Also provide evidence of your business in Dubai, business and personal bank accounts (6 months) rental contracts for your office/premises in Dubai. Give evidence of your companies registration in fact as much evidence that you have that your company exists.
    I hope this helps
  • @Alethia

    Thank you for your timely response as always.
    I have noted your points very carefully and will do so. Hopefully they will grant the visa and will come back with positive news.
    Have nice day.
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    I have received the UK business visa, thank you for your guidance as usual. I will be going to the UK in June for only 3 days for the reason already stated above.

    Before my travel to UK, I would like to go to cannes, France with my British Husband for 7 days for my brother in law's wedding (husband's brother) on 28th May. Its kinda out of the blue for this travel as we hadn't plans of going but mom in law insist we should be present :) I read on France VFS Dubai that, as a non eu spouse of an eu national, there should be a letter from the EU stating you will be travelling together or joining the Eu national and proof of air ticket.

    Does this mean that apart from the marriage certificate, letter from the EU spouse and air ticket reservation, there wouldn't be a need to provide evidence that I will return after my trip? Will the fact that, I and my husband got married just 3 months ago be of any concern to the french visa officer ? I already had a 30 days multiple entry for German schengen visa, stayed for only 7 days but it expired in January anyway.

    Our Marriage was in Seychelles, it has the Hague apostille from seyechelles supreme court as well as the UAE ministry of foreign affairs stamps. The UK Embassy in Dubai do not attest to marriage certificates as it is mentioned, if it is attested and valid at the country of Origin, it is acceptable.

    Your kind assistance will be very valuable to me.

  • @travellercharlie
    You are the legal spouse if a British citizen who is also an EU national. The fact you have been married for only 3 months and were married in the Seychelles should not be an obstacle.
    You can provide your UK visa as proof that you will be leaving the Schengen zone along with your flight ticket. Dont forget to show a certified copy of your husbands passport
    All the best and enjoy the wedding.
  • Thank you very much @Alethia and will show the certified copy of my husband's passport.
    Once again thank you. I will keep you posted on the visa.

    Your guidance have always helped me to gain visas.

    Have a nice day.
  • @travellercharlie
    Thank you for putting your trust in me and my advice. It means a lot to me.
    Its also good for our forum it shows we give solid professional advice.
  • @Alethia just an update. My visa has been issued by French embassy and once again thank you very much. You have no idea how your guidance have helped me through out. Becoming a spouse of EU facilitate visa procedure. french embassy in Dubai issued it within one working day.
  • @travellercharlie
    Thats wonderful news, now go and buy yourself a lovely outfit to wear at the wedding.
    I hope you have a wonderful time.
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