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Open work permit for spouse - Rejected

edited February 2017 in - Canada

My spouse had applied open work permit for spouse - Canada , recently got notified that visa got rejected.

Nationality: Tunisia
Residence : Tunis

My nationality : India
Residing in Canada .

Married in Turkey in December , because I didn't receive tunisia visa.

Reason for rejection : I am not satisfied this is genuine marriage not entered for sole purpose of entering into Canada .this marriage is outside Tunisians norms and traditions.


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    She applied visa in Tunis, Canada consulate in January 2017.
  • @Mozak
    You have spent hardly any time at all with your wife. You literally married and applied for the visa.
    Her marriage does go against normal traditions even though you are Muslim
  • Thanks Alethia,

    What would be recommendation ?

    Should we wait for sometime and apply visa with more details as why we got married in turkey.

    We will be having wedding party in Tunis next week.

    Finally I got my tunisia visa approved.
  • @mozak
    Take photos of your Tunisian wedding party. How long will you be staying as you did not stay in Turkey very long. You married then parted ways, this does not show a subsisting marriage
    You need to show you have a subsisting relationship, that means living together with supporting evidence. have you booked a hotel for you and your wife to live together.
    That is evidence, Photographs together.evidence of your flights

    How do you communicate, Viber, messenger, whatsapp, skype etc you need to keep records of your conversations. Do you send your wife money, thats proof of spousal support.

    All these things demonstrate a relationship.
  • I have all proofs , when they asked me , to provide photos and letter mentioning how we met and all. I failed to write about Tunisia visa refusal.

    I will be living with her in her house for 10 days.

    I provided all conversations , I didn't provided that I send money to her. But I have all records and transactions .

    Next time I wil provide all things
  • edited March 2017
    Why are you living in her family home for ten days? You are supposed to be newly weds and you have not had a honeymoon, I encourage you to book a hotel for a few days with your wife. To be blunt, how can you be intimate with your wife in her family home? You are newly weds ,dont you have any consideration for your wifes feelings? You will have little or no privacy in your in laws home. It will also be good evidence that you are truly man and wife

    You need to show that you have an existing marriage, so far you have not done that.

    You have all the letters of refusal regarding the Tunisian visa and not sending them was a mistake.
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