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intend to apply visit visa of Ireland for 15 days and thankful if you let me know what supporting documents should I require from my host and myself.
I am Pakistani national and my childhood friend is an Irish national. I am 48 years of age having a very good job and handsome salary with good bank record.
Before applying online I want to know exactly what documents I should require.


  • @Wali777
    You will need to provide bank statements for the past three months, evidence of your marital status, marriage certificate, birth certificate of your children this shows ties to your home. If you own land or house show the title deeds
    Letter from your employer stating your job title and monthly salary and the length of holiday you are entitled to, payslips as proof of your salary.
    A letter from your friend ( known as a reference in Ireland ) and proof of his address.
    Here are some more requirements.
  • Thank you very much Alethia. I appreciate
  • @Alethia
    One clarification please.
    The business of my friend is in the name of his son and he showed himself as an employee. The question is that should I take reference letter from my friend or from his son?
  • @Wali777
    You misunderstand. In Ireland a sponsor is known as a reference. The reference does NOT need to give his employment details.

    From your friend you will need a letter from a reference in Ireland inviting you to come to Ireland.

    The letter should include address and contact details for the reference, the proposed dates for your stay and details of where you will be staying during your visit.

    Written undertakings from both yourself and your reference, confirming that you will observe the conditions of your visa, that you will not become a burden on the State of Ireland, and that you will leave Ireland on the expiration of your permission to remain.

    Details of your relationship to your reference, or how you are known to each othe.

    If your reference is not an Irish citizen, evidence of their permission to remain in Ireland. (That is, a copy of their Certificate of Registration (GNIB card) and copy of their passport showing immigration stamps) stay visas (less%20than%203%20months)
  • @Alethia
    Thank you very very much Alethia
    You are great
    Stay blessed
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