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Schengen Visa advice

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This is Karol again, i need your help with Schengen visa, last year i went to spain and i got visa because of you, u helped me collect and submit the correct documents, thank you.
This time am travelling with my Sister and Brother for 10 days Tour, we both leave in Dubai and we r both kenya citizens, they work in hotel and their salary is not so good, they also dont have bank account, i want to provide all documents and combine with my Fiance( USA citizen) we will be the sponsors...
Please advice what documents should i provide, my brother and sister to provide (no bank statement)
How much money balance should be in my account to show that i can sponsor 3 of us.

Anythings else will be appreciated, i wanted to Enter through Italy or Spain since i was there already and my records r clean.


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    Without bank accounts your brother and sister will not be granted a visa. Your brother and sister need to establish ties to Dubai, without paperwork and bank statements they cannot do this. They work in a hotel in Dubai yet have no bank account is very odd.

    You cannot be their sponsor, a sponsor is a European resident who assists with the visa application and provides an affidavit of support.

  • Alethia, those who work in hotels here get the lowest pay though its including accomodation,transport and insurance, basic salary is always very small, bank account is usually opened by hotel hr and mostly for their salary not a running or very active account, but they can provide letter from Employer,payslips,employment letter as form of country ties...Lord! How can i work through it? Can they print that small statement and maybe letter from their company ,.....please help with suggestion.
    Since am paying for airticket and hotel for both of us as well as shoulder all bills for those 10days.
  • @Karo
    An employer cannot deny someone a bank account your siblings should open their own bank avcoount.
    I have given my advice but you can do as you please.
    You will need at least 3000 Euro after flights and hotels are paid for to cover your expenses
  • Alethia
    Im planning for schengen visa from saudi arabia to germany im have pakistani passport we never traveled before in europe or US we want to visit germany because my uncle is there and me and my father and my mom wants to visit them im in my father sponsorship as im still student.
    Father,s employer will provide employment latter and prove . The salary of my father is about 800 euro for a month which is 3000 saudi riyals someone told me that they will reject the visa because of less salary in 6 months bank statement but we have savings which will be enough for our stay so my question is for shengen visa only salary matters or they will make decisions on whole bank balance ? We wana visit for 15 days and we have enough balance for our stay but im afraid if they just reject us on my father's salary issue no matter how much total balnce we have in the account . Thanks
  • @adil07
    Unless your father can show the equivalent of 800 Euro permonth going to his bank account you will have difficulties.
    Germany requires €45 per day per person as a guide to how much money you will need.Its always better to show a little more in savings than the basic amount.
    Your uncle can provide a legal guarantee that he will also support you by giving a legal letter from his German bank.
    He must also go to the Ordunungsant and fill in the required form and he will receive official documents to say you will stay with him in Germany which you give with your visa documents.
  • Thanks for ur reply He can show his salary statement which is about 800 euro and 3000 in saudi riyals ...and with savings he have 5'000 euro so is this enough im just afraid if they just refuse us bcz of less salary here one travel agent told us that they will reject on ur salary basis and ignore that we also have savings of 5'000 euro which is 18'000 riyals
  • @adil07
    I believe the agent is incorrect. Your father has evidence of his employment , salary, and more than sufficient savings to cover the visit.
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