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Chances of getting a Visa?

edited March 2017 in Europe
Hello, I need an advice for my friend. He is 25 years old and his brother lives in the uk while he and his family in Turkey. He is Kurdish but officially a Turkish citizen. He always wanted to go to uk to study and then to stay there with his brother. He applied for tier4 srudent visa twice but got refusal. After that he tried Schenghen visa but got refused by France, Greece, Czech Republic. Now he would like to try to apply again for schenghen visa.

Does he have a chance of getting visa? And if there is a chance for him so under what conditions? Is there anything that can help him? Some people are telling him they know officers in some consulates and they can guarantee the visa but I do not believe it a lot.

Thanks for help


  • @asined
    You do not give the reasons for the refusal so I am going to assume he did not meet, the English language level, educational qualifications or financial compponent.

    To be refused by so many countries means that there is a serious issue and your friend is repeating that problem with each application.
  • Well the reason of the tier 4refusal was that they did not believe he was a real student - genuine student. And after that from France refusal was that they did not believe he would come back that he would leave the country before finishing the visa. And the they did not believe the information in Greece and Czech.

    Money is no problem and also his English is good.

    Is there any chance for him to try? He would like to try to apply again and he knows somebody who can help him but I am a bit worried.
  • To schenghen visa he applied for tourust visa not like for uk student tier 4 visa.
  • @asined
    The UK interviews Tier 4 student applicants, so to be refused twice on the basis that your friend is not a genuine student means there is a problem. Its is very complicated to apply for the UK Tier 4 visa. I am not sure what you mean by "somebody who can help him" fraud is a criminal offence and comes with a 10 year ban.

    It is almost impossible for a young Turkish male to be granted a visit visa for Europe. Your friend is now on record in the Schengen zone as the Schengen countries share the VIS (Visa Information System) whatever country he applies for will now about his previous trefusals.

  • Good morning pls on 16 of March 2016 I was granted Italian Schengen visa for 1 months tourism which I Traveled march 28th I spent 9 days on my Trip, but since I came back have Applied for renew at same Italy embassy and I was refuse. I submitted all the document I used the first time with 4500 Euros on my bank statement I have my insurance .flight tickets and all but I still don't know why I was refuse those that mean I can get schengen visa again Please advice me because am planning to apply from other EU country
  • @asined


    UK visas are issued in accordance with the law..not by your proficiency of English and financial stability..

    if your friend was a genuine student at the first place, your friend could have proved it by means of administrative review but instead of doing so you are putting clause for money and proficiency of language which is required to obtain a UK tier 4 visa but before that it must be in accordance with law..

    thank you..
  • @patrickb
    If you used the same documents for the second application as you did for the first then they must be out of date.
    The reason for the refusal is clearly stated, for example
    1. you will not leave the Schengen zone, at the end of the trip
    2. the reason for your visit is not justfied
    3. insufficient funds
    You need to look at the reason for refusal and do something about it.
  • Thanks but what I mean by the same document it's that I summit my company registration certificate and other. document Attached to it , which was valid I was never going to stay in the schengen zone because the first time I traveled I return back according to the Law and I did not over stay. Even at my first submission I give them 3200 euros as my bank statements.. but this time I was even having more money 4500.... I was called for interview according to the consular he then ask me what I am going to do in Bologna Italy because that was my destination, and I told him am going for Tourism which he then ask me why I chose bologna I told him because have been there before and I love the activities and life style of the people in bologna and that is why I chose to visit there again .... then he said There is no activities going on in bologna at this time because it's Winter and bologna is very cold and stores will not be open because of the cold.. and I told him it doesn't matter if there is cold because I know it is cold at this time before I chose bologna to spend my Holiday because I was going to spend 7 days and then later told me we will see what we can do about it after few weeks my application was sent out and my visa was denied....for me I think the consular was too strict but i don't my mind....I want to know if that would affect me if I used Another schengen Embassy like France or Portugal even Czech Republic. Ps advice me because now I have too refusal stamp on my passport
  • @patrickb
    Going to places "out of season" that is in winter when places are closed is a strange place to go on holiday, so you did yourself no favour.

    Prague in the Czech Republic or Paris France are suitable all year round most other places are summer destinations.

    If you have agood reason to go to another country , the correct documents and funds you may still be granted a visa.
  • Thanks you very much for this information it's really interesting..that you made me understand I applied at the wrong time.. i will work on that and Apply in Czech Prague.. but my concern now it's the refusal stamp I have on my passport will that affect my Application in Czech Republic or France Embassy
  • @patrickb
    Because you have been refused does not mean you will be refused again. You will now have to provide absolute proof of everything, particulary , ties to your home country and an intinerary of your travel plans. Good luck.
  • Thanks for all information you have provide am greatful
  • As before I was writing about my friend who would like to go to uk for better life but got refused by a few consulates I am thinking if his girlfriend who is from Czech could help him via marriage. Could it be easier for him to get the visa to Europe. She lives in Turkey now as well. She really would like to help him to get better life than in Turkey.

    Thanks for advice
  • edited March 2017
    Of course marriage is a little easier. I am sure his girlfriend has also been on the forum asking similar questions.
  • Yes, you are right. she was using my profile.
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