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one passport in maiden name and second in married name

My wife I will be traveling to the USA in May on holiday. She has a Dutch passport in her Maiden Name and a South African passport in her married name, she applied and received approval for the ESTA USA customs to travel to the USA but on which passport will she need to book tickets in the Dutch or South African.
I assume that because the passports are in two different names she will need to carry a copy of our marriage certificate. What documents will she need to travel and how when leaving SA does she go, does she book the tickets in her Dutch passport and then present her ticket to the ticket counter with her Dutch passport and then at customs present her SA passport to exit. Will she not get questioned by customs on her SA passport why she has not got a visa to enter USA does she then just simply present her Dutch passport with the ESTA approval ??
Your assistance is appreciated.


  • @wbotha
    Why do you make things so complicated. Both passports should be in the same name,

    As your wife is now married she should apply for a new South African passport before you travel it takes about 2 weeks to obtain a new SA passport. Then you wont need to take a copy of your marriage certificate and will make life easier.

    Your wife is legally allowed to hold dual nationality. She is not required to show her SA passport when she enters the USA.

    She leaves South Africa on her SA passport and enters the USA on her Dutch passport. The tickets must be booked in her married name. She does not need to take any documents with her.
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