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What are the documents required for marriage certificate for foreigners in Tunisia?

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Salam!! To everyone
I'm an Algerian and my fiance is Egyptian, we want to get married as soon as possible but it is complicated in Algeria and the process takes too much time. So we planned to get married in Tunisia because we heard it is much easier plus it is the nearest one to my country. If anyone can inform me what are all documents required to get married and also if there is any changes in the law of foreigners marriage in Tunisia. Thank you!


  • @cloud1499

    There is no problem for you to marry in Tunisia. Tunisia does not have religious weddings but a civil ceremony that is recognised internationally.

    You will need the following documents:-

    Your passports

    Both your original birth certificates no older than 21 days before date of marriage

    Your divorce documents or death certificate of spouse if you have been married before

    You must both have a certificate from your country that states you are single and free to enter into marriage

    All these documents should be originals and must be translated into Arabic or French and you can have that done in Tunisia quickly and cheaply.

    You will have blood tests done together here in Tunisia. You make an apppointmentt with the doctor and he will order the tests, you will have the results the same day.
    These results are given to the marriage office with the rest of your documents.

    The male partner must have a letter from the mufti in his local mosque stating that he is a Muslim.

    Good luck

  • Thank you very much Alethia for your help I really appreciate that
  • I have another question if you can answer me, for how many days should we stay there from the day we apply till the day we get our marriage certificate?
  • @cloud1499
    There is no minimum residence requirement in Tunisia, you can begin your marriage arrangements as soon as you arrive.
  • Do any of these 3 documents (birth certificate, single status certificate, letter of religion) need to be notarized?
  • edited March 2017
    As the documents are originals they do not need to be notarised.
    The original documents will be translated and the translations will be notarised.
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