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BTA fees

I am in desperate need of advise


  • I have been speaking with someone from Greece going by the name of Michael Becker I assume he is from Greece claiming he wants me to send $4,000 for his BTA fee can someone please give me advice I have been speaking with this man since early October he seems sincere and Believing. I feel thus BTA fee is a scam. Please someone help me!!
  • @Bella1964
    You are completely right, it is a scam.
    There is no such thing as BTA (Basic Travel Allowance) sometimes called PTA (Personal Travel Allowance)
    This is a scam used on line to fraudulently obtain money from people like you. It is most commonly found in use in Africa, particularly Nigeria.
    This person you are in contact with is a scammer,he is not Michael Becker, he is not from Greece and his photo is not real.
    He is probably in an internet cafe somewhere in Africa.

    Here is a topic from this forum dating back as far as 2008 you can see that this is a scam
  • Thankyou. Alethia... He actually did say he was in an Internet cafe. But in Greece.... should I just completely stop talking to him. My mistake I have sent money over to different states here in the U S A... and to Ghana....
  • I feel so abused by thus man for using me for money. : ( any more good advice.. feeling sad and used. : (
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    Dear Bella,

    How in the world can you ask the question, "Should I just completely stop talking to him?"

    He's a thief and a liar. He has scammed you and stolen your money. His name isn't Michael Becker. You have no clue who he is or where he lives, but you DO know that he is a criminal.

    For crying loud, learn from this harsh lesson and NEVER give away your money to strangers who only exist inside your computer. Smarten up, start using common sense and move on with your life.

    Good luck.

  • Thankyou and yes. I am never speaking with this criminal again..I can't believe I trusted that scammer. Guess I have alot to learn
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    "... Guess I have alot to learn..."

    No, you don't, Bella. It's really, really simple. All you have to do is stop believing that people on the Internet are real.

    If at some point you can't meet and interact face-to-face with someone off the internet then that person isn't an actual human worthy of your love and attention. They're just pixels on your computer screen, nothing more.

    Never, ever, EVER send money to a stranger. That's just (and I'm sorry to say this) plain stupidity. Period.

    Sorry for the tough talk. I'm just being honest. Please listen.

    All the best to you and I wish you the best in the future.

  • Thank you Terry. Yes. Tough lesson I learned. .. I do know this will never happen to me again. I promise.
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    Terry is 100% right,
    I cant believe people still fall for these scams
  • Yes. I know. But when they sound so sincere and honest.....J guess I'm stupid for believing. : ( this man actually gave his bank password and to his account. And it said he had nearly 3 million in it... it looked completely legit... is it possible some of them could be real to you. I'm just saying....but. no. I'm not sending anything him!!!
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    None of them are real. What Terry told you is true, stop believing these people are real.
    Someone is real when you meet them in person not on a computer. Even then you should be wary of giving people money.

    These scammers know every trick to con money out of lonely trusting people like you.
    They are not honest or sincere they are liars and thieves, who make a good living out of foolish people.
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