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Illegitimate child, and mother's rights in Bahrain?

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Some time ago I met a man who convinced me to go back to Bahrain to his country where we both stayed together for a 7 months. During this time I fell pregnant, and he claims this is the reason we can no longer get married. He serves in the military there and has Bedouin roots therefore a dishonour to his family and fear of losing his job. Since then I've returned home and delivered the child, which he wants no part of. What is my legal standing in Bahrain? Is there laws there to get him to acknowledge his child? What rights does this child have over there? If I go there with the baby will he have any rights to stop her from leaving again? We are both Sunni Muslim and this has caused a lot of issues for me at home also. Regards


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    You have no legal standing in Bahrain neither does your child. Why would this man try to stop the child from leaving Bahrain , when he does not acknowledge the baby.

    Do you realise that if you take your illegitimate child to Bahrain and claim your lover is the father you could be arrested.?

    As a Sunni Muslim you must be aware of Zina (زنا) which is an Arabic term for illegal intercourse; premarital or extramarital. Bahrain is governed by Sharia law ,premarital, extra-marital sex and adultery are illegal under Bahraini law.

    You need to move on from this man, he has abandoned you and his child. Life is not going to be easy but your child is the most important thing here and she deserves the best you can give her.
  • Falling pregnant was the last thing I wanted to happen and tried to prevent this from happening. It was a one off mistake I just had no heart to abort the pregnancy once it had occurred.
    At the time many people including himself advised me to complain to authorities as way to get him to marry and I rejected this idea as I don't believe in forced marriages and wasn't intending to jeopardise his career (this was the big issue at the time). Like you said, if he wanted to, he could have tried. Although I didn't want the pregnancy outside of marriage I believe that life is sacred and should be protected regardless of my mistakes. God put it there not for me to kill and even if I tried, probably would have ended up with a brain damaged child as a result of the abortion pill bought off the street. Life and death in this world is ordained by god.
    Surely there are laws to protect the rights of children, and hold a man responsible since abortion is illegal in that country?
    I'm afraid if I go there to claim rights of the child, or once the cat is out the bag to be spiteful he will stop her from leaving. There are a number of reasons other than this that make me believe he would still want to keep her.
    At the moment, I can't tell the wood from the trees it's been really exhausting.
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    I did not advocate abortion, but for your information abortion is legal in Bahrain.

    The Penal Code of 20 March 1976 (Sections 321-323) allows abortions to be performed under broad conditions. Abortion is unlawful only if carried out by a pregnant woman on herself without the knowledge and counselling of a physician, or if carried out by another person without the consent of the woman. In the first case, the performance of the abortion is punished with up to six months’ imprisonment or a fine of up to fifty dinars. In the second case, the person performing the abortion is liable to up to 10 years’ imprisonment.

    What rights are you talking about ? You and your child have no rights under Bahraini law.

    You are obviously very hurt, you need counselling and support. You do not say what country you are from but I hope you find help and support through this difficult time. Take care of yourself and your child.

  • Thank you Alethia, yes I am very hurt by this, who wouldn't be...I'm Australian...

    I'm not trying to force any marriage and the love has obviously died. The reason I ask is a few Bahraini nationals, including his friends who also serve in the military and a couple Bahraini officials and a lawyer have advised me to go back there to file a complaint and claim rights for the child. He doesn't deny that it's his, he says she's illegitimate therefore we can no longer marry and he won't take responsibility because he gave me pills to abort. He also says to go back to complain.

    You can see why I'm very confused here :(
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    I do not understand why you are confused.
    You are an Australian who can find help and support in your home country where all children are accepted no matter if they are illegitimate.

    Bahrain in many ways is backwards being governed by Sharia law and serious human rights abuses. I lived and worked in Bahrain for five years.
  • Hello mam, im a single mom with a 4yo boy from a bahraini guy. Just wanna ask if my child has a right to get any support from his bahraini father. Im currently working here in bahrain and my child is in philippines. Hope to hear from u soon. Tia.
  • @lian
    There is no financial provision available to a parent of a child in Bahrain where they are not married to the other parent.
    Sharia law simply does not recognise any claim. where the parents are not married. It can therefore be classified as legally impossible to bring a claim in Bahrain for financial maintenance relating to a child when the parents never married.
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