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how to go to France after marriage

Hello, I have a friend, he is Turkish around 22 years old and he has a fiance who is living in France, she is Turkish as well and she dies not have a french citizenship only long term permission to stay there always for 10 years. This summer they plan to get married and then they want to live in France. He never applied for visa before. I want to know what is his chance of getting visa to France to go there with his wife after marriage? Also how he can apply I mean what type of visa he can apply and for how long he will get the visa. Will he be granted the visa?


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    Spouses and minor children can apply to join family members who are not French citizens, but are living in France, under the following conditions:

    The family member you are going to join must be living in France for at least one year and hold a valid residence permit.
    Your relative must have adequate finances (an amount equal to the monthly minimum wage – EUR 1,445).
    There must be enough room for you: French standards are 16sqm for a couple, and 9sqm per extra person.

    The spouse residing in France must go in person to the offices of the Direction départementale des affaires sanitaires et sociales (DDASS), which is the local medical and social services department or the OFII office, to file an application. He or she will be asked for proof of financial stability and their accommodation may be inspected.

    If this application is successful, your friend can join his spouse but he will then need to apply for a long-stay visa from the embassy/consulate in his home country. This visa will be valid for one year, which then acts as a residence card. The visa is free of charge. Your fiend will have to register with the local branch of the OFII (Office Français de l’Immigration et de l’Intégration) within two months of arriving in France. People staying for longer than a year,will need to apply for a residence card (carte de séjour);
  • You wrote about the proof of finances but his fiancee is a student in France so she does not work. Her father though could should his account if it was ok.

    And after the marriage if he applies only for tourist visa to France will he be granted that? And maybe then he could go to an office there to stay there. Could be something like that possible?
  • @asined
    Third party support thats is her father are not allowed to offer support, she must show she can support him. Why marry so young, if she cant support her husband?

    Its highly unlikely he will be granted a visit visa after marriage as the caseworker will refuse the application as they will believe he will not return to Turkey. Which is exactly what you are suggesting.
  • You are right. Thank you so much for the information. I was thinking the same actually but wanted to be sure. Visa is not a joke. Thanks again
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