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Is singapore good honeymoon destination

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Hi All,
I am planning for my one week honeymoon (December 2009) in Singapore. So, i want some information on the climate of Singapore in December and a list of some good hotels that i should look forward to. My budget is maximum of 100 Singapore dollars per night. And if possible, if someone can give me a round figure about the average expenditure for one week honeymoon holiday in Singapore excluding hotels.


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    The two season climate of Singapore:

    1. Hot and muggy and sunny with lots of rain almost daily
    2. Hot and muggy and rainy a lot of the time

    Unfortunately, December is the height of the rainy season. The highest daily rainfall on record in Singapore happened in December.
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    Guest is correct, the climate in Singapore is mostly hot and muggy, but I don't think the rain is daily.
    Hotel : Check and book from internet. it is usually cheaper.
    Good honeymoon destination ? : Depends on what you want to do and see. If you like city life, shopping, clean and good food, Singapore is definitely a very good place. But if you come to see nature, Singapore is not a good place to come to. Of course, there are some place quite good, but they are mostly man made and incomparable with places like Bali in Indonesia, Malaysia, Taiwan or China. At the beach in Singapore, you cannot see the horizon, because it is blocked by container ships ;-).
  • nice choise,singpure is small island but there is very beautifull...many place for relaxy and shoping over there,,,and many guest house where you can choise one of them..singapore is near indonesia.
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    Thanks a lot everyone for providing your feedback...then can anybody please suggest a peaceful place in Asia with lots of natural beauty and cold weather where i can plan my honeymoon?? It shouldn't be too expensive...
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    Singapore is a great city to visit. As its your honeymoon try out the island of Bintan - a paradise island and only a very short ferry ride from Sinagpore. Its very cheap and absolutely beautiful, the perfect place for a few days to totally chill out.
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    why not combine say a 3 night stay in Singapore (stay somewhere really special like Raffles Hotel)?
    And then i would go to Langkawi in Malaysia and stay at Tanjung Rhu beach
    Or Bali, stay at one of the Aman hotels for sheer luxury
    By the way, when you are in Singapore, i am a licensed tourist guide and i would be happy to show you the sights
    Let me know what you like and i will get an itinerary planned for you
    My name is Jo, i am British and you can contact me on [email protected]
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    Hi guys..
    we have a plan to visit Singapore by this Feb 2013.please help give us information a cheapest hotel good for honeymoon in central on Singapore.. Thanks for your helps guys..
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