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Turkish citizen - visa to Ireland

I have one question, my friend is a Turkish citizen and he got twice refusal from tier4 visa to uk, now he is thinking to apply for Ireland, does he have any chance to get Ireland visa?

I am afraid that countries such as Ireland, France, maybe Netherlands and Germany look more at the refusal from uk and then give refusal too.


  • @asined
    You are correct, the UK and Ireland are not members of the Schengen zone but they do share information regarding visa applicants.

    The UK and Ireland are very closely linked. Your friend has a very poor immigration record of refused visas, this makes it seem that he is desperate to enter Europe. I think he will have a difficult time obtaining a visa for Ireland.

    He needs to look closely at the reasons why he was refused by the UK and the other countries and try not to make the same mistakes.
  • Well, I was thinking the same. For the uk he was refused because they did not believe he is genuine student...he could not answer some questions clearly in the interview. After that he applied for France but got refusal stated that before expiration of the visa he would leave the country so practically they had a doubt about him coming back to Turkey and I believe it was due to the refusal from uk as well. Then we actually applied for tourist visa to Czech Republic, because I am Czech but he had a stamp from previous refusal in the passport so probably because of that he got refusal again.

    Recently he has changed the passport and wants to apply again for Europe, he wants to actually go to uk because his brother lives there. But I think Ireland is not an option for him. I suggested for him to try again maybe Czech Republic but make the documents stronger than before.

    What could you suggest?
  • @asined
    Even though your friend has changed his passport, all Schengen countries have acces to his biometric details (digital fingerprints etc) so does the UK so they will know of his immigration history wherever he applies.
  • Thank you..I was thinking the same. Any idea how he could succeed to get visa to europe? A country which could be maybe easier to get for him or how to maybe prrof connections to Turkey that he would come back.
  • Yes, it was my friend using my profile actually. But they did not get married so I wanted to ask if there is maybe any suggestion for him how to go to europe without getting married. There is any way he could try.
  • @asined
    I have answered the same questions from your friends girlfriend and now you. I really do not know what else to tell you.
  • If he went illegally and reached uk, could he stay in uk? Should he go immediately to police there? What would be the chance for him that they would let him to stay in uk and would not deport him back to Turkey? He is Kurdish, could this be advantage for him?
  • The bottom line here is that your friend is being refused because he is lying on his Visa applications. He has no intent to travel honestly under the restrictions laid out out by the Visa, he only wants to stay illegally. Visa officials are not stupid, they see scams like this every day.

    In my opinion your "pal" will never receive a Visa.

  • @asined
    I am horrified at your suggestion.
    There is no asylum for Turkish citizens such as your friend and he will be removed quite quickly. Illegal entry into the UK as an economic migrant is a criminal offence.
    Being Kurdish will not help him. PKK for example is considered a terrorist organisation in the UK.

  • Well, I told him the same but he is not listening. He just wants to go. I have the same opinion as you. I just needed to ask this in case he really decides for this way. Thanks.
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