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schengen visa rejection


I would like to thank you for supporting people all around the world. i have a problem and i want your consultation on it regarding my schengen visa.

firstly, let me introduce my self, my name is Ahmed and i am 28 years old was born and raised in Qatar and spent all my life there and working as a mechanical engineer and holding a Palestinian passport.

in March 2016 i have a applied to Schengen visa through Spanish Embassy however unfortunately it has been rejected due to some reason however, they only stamped my passport (Espana Empessada)

now i have been promoted to big company and they wants to send me to Netherlands for some training so i have to re-apply again to visa.

what shall i do ? apply to Spanish embassy ? or can i apply through Netherlands ? does they have records ? please help me

how can i show the strong tie ? financially ? i told you i was born here. i think its the strongest evidence !!

Moreover, if i wanted to apply for a (holiday) again (with my wife and daughter) to Spanish Embassy will it work ?

all of my family are here, father, mother, brothers and all of them are working here !! i have never think to leave Qatar for good in my life !!


  • @ahmedmurtaja
    You must apply to the Embassy of the Netherlands this time as the reason for applying for the visa is different from your last application.

    It does not matter what is stamped on your passport, Schengen countries share biometric information so the Netherlands will be aware of your last refusal.

    You need to show ties to Qatar your birth certificate, your marriage certificate, childs birth certificate, your title deed or rental agreement for your home.
    Letters from your employer, stating your job salary length of employment and who will be paying flights, hotel food etc.
    Your bank statements and payslips.

    The training company in the Netherlands must give full written information of the course, provide your qualifications.

    You do not say why your previous visa was refused last time but you need to look at the last refusal and apply again with better documents.
    I suggest you wait to see the out come of the Netherlands visa before you apply to Spain.

  • thank you very much for your advises. i will apply soon following your recommendations and will give you my feed back !!

  • i am about to apply again to Netherlands. in the schengen application form, there is a requirement to tell the following:

    1- Fingerprints collected previously for the purpose of applying for a Schengen visa
    A- No
    B- Yes. Date, if known

    should i say yes ?

  • @ahmedmurtaja
    Of course you must say yes, the minute your biometrics are taken they will link with your last visa application as all Schengen states share biometric information through the Visa Information System (VIS).
    If you do not answer this question your visa can be refused as you will be omitting serious information
  • @Alethia i got rejected by spain i applied for a sports competition .My trainer wants me to take participate in it ...Now i have completed my intermediate and wanted to apply for latvia study visa ...what should i state how i got refused for first time in my cover letter of refusal ?
    And how to avoid the reason your stay cant be justified on study visa ?plz gave me some strong extra points to avoid these reason?
  • @Alethia dear Madam plz answer my query?
  • @neymar1991
    You do not need to mention the refusal in your cover letter. All Schengen offices will know you were refused previously , because of the Visa Information System which is tied to your biometrics and is shared by all Schengen countries. You will also have given the refusal information on the application form.

    To avoid the justification of stay refusal you must submit as much information as possible regarding your educational qualifications, acceptance by the Latvian college, sufficient funds in valid bank statements and proof of accomodation in Latvia.
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