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Algerian getting married to a British citizen in Tunisia (currently living in the uk)

I read some of your posts and I want some assistance if you don't mind.
So basically I am an Algerian citizen living in the uk.i am religiously married to someone who is British.
Been married for a year and a half.been living together for a year though.
I overstayed my visa in visa was a 6 months student visitor visa.
Me and my wife are intending to submit an application to legalise my status here and we know that it's highly likely that we are gonna be refused and asked to go to Algeria and get married there and apply from the problem is though that in Algeria it takes ages to have the green light to get married to a foreigner.
Can you assist me with some options and would getting married in Tunisia be better and what's the required paperwork for that and how long does it take for the whole thing to be sorted out and do you think it is ok to get married in Tunisia and apply from there to come back here to the uk.
Thanks a lot for your assistance!


  • @absjess
    Before I answer your question can I ask if you have any children with your wife, or if your wife has British children from a previous marriage/relationship as this may change things.

    You are correct , applying for a UK visa on the basis of a Nikah marriage will be refused.

    Many Algerians marry in Tunisia to their UK, US or European partners as it is much easier to marry in Tunisia than Algeria. All weddings in Tunisia are civil weddings and are therefore recognised internationally.

    To apply for your UK visa after marriage your wife must be earning more than £18,600 per annum for at least 6 months before you apply.

    You will need the following documents to marry in Tunisia :-

    Your passports

    Both your original birth certificates no older than 21 days before date of marriage

    Your divorce documents or death certificate of spouse if you have been married before

    You must both have a certificate from your country that states you are single and free to enter into marriage.
    Your British partner must have a Certificate of No Impediment known as I CONI and it can be obtained from the register office in her town.
    Your certificate must come from Algeria

    All these documents should be originals and must be translated into Arabic or French and you can have that done in Tunisia quickly and cheaply.

    You will have blood tests done together in Tunisia. You make an apppointmentt with the doctor and he will order the tests, you will have the results the same day.
    These results are given to the marriage office with the rest of your documents.

    The male partner must have a letter from the mufti in his local mosque stating that he is a Muslim.

    I hope this helps

  • @absjess - I have heard in the last few days that Algerians (along with some others) may now require visas for entry to Tunisia. I am trying to find out whether this is correct or not, but you should definitely check with the Embassy in London to find out before you organise your trip.
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    That's great and how long do you think all of the marriage process will take and for how long do we have to be in Tunisia before applying and as well when I am married officially to my wife in Tunisia can I make a fast-track or same day application from Tunisia for a spouse visa?
    Thanks a lot!
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    Hello Lesley!
    No Algerians don't need a visa to go to Tunisia and there is a train now that takes you from Algeria to Tunisia
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    There is no waiting time to marry in Tunisia, you can start your wedding plans as soon as you arrive in Tunisia and can marry within a few days if all your documents are in order.

    There is no such thing as a fast track or same day application for a UK spouse visa.
    Your wife must be earning a minimum salary of £18600 a year for at least six months and must meet the UK immigration rules which are very complicated.
    The UK spouse application is made on line and the biometrics interview is conducted at the TLS Contact office in Algiers.
    Supporting documents must be submitted to the UK where applications can take at least three months to process
  • @Alethia
    That's good there is no waiting time
    Yeah my wife gets more than that amount
    So do I apply at TLScontact Algiers website online?
    I meant like a fast track spouse visa application (a one day one)
    That I will have to pay more for?
  • @absjess
    I repeat there is NO fast track UK spouse visa for one day.
    TLS offer various options which cost a lot more money. I suggest you read their website.

    You apply on line for the visa, the supporting documents must be sent to the UK by your sponsor.

    You attend the TLS contact centre for your biometrics

    Algerians applying for a UK visa are required to be tested for tuberculosis

    The UK visa application is very complicated and you are required to follow British immigration law and the specified evidence which is mandatory
  • @absjess - you are correct that there is a train from Algeria to Tunis, however, that train stops at the border and all documentation is sighted. They can deny you onward travel, this has been common practice and continues. There is no guarantees anymore.
  • @abjess - just to let you know that males under the age of 35 from Algeria are now denied entry to Tunisia due to the high unemployment rate and the high likelihood that they come here to find work. The fiance of my Tunisian niece who is from Maroc and working in Algeria had to return to Morocco to come to Tunis for the marriage. If you hold an Algerian passport you will in all probability be denied entry.
  • @Lesley oh god is that official then or probably he had issues or something
  • @absjess - it is official. My niece's fiance was lucky as he has Moroccan passport and could get into Tunis from Morocco. No such luck now for those holding Algerian passports.
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    I suggest you contact the Tunisian embassy and apply for a visa.
  • @Alethia @absjess - I think I agree with Alethia. A visa would be the way to go, however, he will need to provide plenty of proof that entry is for the purpose of marriage only and that he will return to Algeria. Now unless he has some sort of documents from the municipality where you will marry it could be slim to none. But it's worth a try.
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    @Lesley @absjess
    After suggesting Absjess apply for a Tunisian visa. I realised Absjess has lived illegally in the UK for about three years, so I wonder if the Tunisians will find his application credible or even entertain an application from someone who is living illegally in the UK. ?

    I noticed after reading the original post from absjess that he refers to his partner as his wife and states they are married. I am assuming this is a mickey mouse "nikah" marriage which has no legal standing whatsoever in the UK, Europe, Tunisia and many other countries. Absjess is correct when he states that any application he makes in the UK will be refused.

    In my opinion Absjess should return to Algeria and either apply for a Tunisian visa or make arrangements to marry in Algeria or another country
  • @Alethia @absjess - oops! Hmmmm - I hadn't realised this. If he were a Tunisian there would be no problem, however, I can see this going very wrong. Things are changing here quite rapidly with laws and regulations being adhered to. I'm going to leave this visa question with you @Alethia!!
  • Hello everybody
    @Alethia I really trust your informations since you have cites exactly true informations about spouse visa and the rest..
    I am an Algerian who has been engaged to a British partner last September religiously with my family. My marriage have not been consumed yet. Now we are separated waiting to be married in law and fill the UKVI requirements for that.
    I am seriously thinking about being married in Tunisia since it's easier to do it besides it is such a respectful country adapted for foreigners.
    But when you mentioned the required papers to marry in Tunisia I have noticed that you have not mention neither witnesses nor taxes or fees.
    And if I travel to Tunisia to this purpose, what is the most convenient period of the year to do it.
    Thank you :smiley:
  • @Zoumane
    I do not know the up to date wedding fees. There are no taxes. @Lesley maybe along soon she lives in Tunisia and she can tell us.
    You only need two witnesses and they do not need to be relatives.The wedding office can provide them or you could ask at the hotel where you stay for two employees.
    You can go any time of the year to marry but winter and spring are quiet times as Tunisians like summer weddings.
    Tunisian weddings are not religious and are recognised as legal all over the world.
  • Thank you so much @Alethia
    May God bless you
    Nice day for all
  • @Zoumane if you travel on an Algerian passport you will be denied entry.

    you can be married at the municipality and the fees are low. You could also have a notaire do this. He will draw up the contract. Depending on the locality the fee can e anything from tnd 150 to 500. Your witnesses can be 2 males, 1 male and 1 female. Legally hou should both be known to them but majority turn a blind eye to this.

    Hope this helps
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