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Looking for Immigration lawyer - Canada


We are looking for immigration lawyer in Tunis, to help out case for immigration.

Am Indian married to Tunisian 4 months back.

Am filing my immigration and will do for spouse as well.

My spouse visa got rejected once.

Let me know immigration lawyer who can advise or guide us.


  • edited March 2017
    To the best of my knowledge there are no immigration lawyers in Tunisia. How can a Tunisian lawyer know the complexities of Canadian law. In my opinion this is not the correct way to proceed

    It is usual to hire a Canadian immigration lawyer, I urge you to do this especially as you are already resident in Canada and your wifes first Canadian application was refused.
    As a British immigration lawyer I dealt with many cases involving Tunisian spouses. It is usual to instruct a lawyer in the country where the Tunisian spouse is applying in this case Canada
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