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Word Travels Guidelines for Forum posts

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We value your questions and contributions, and it’s important to us at Word Travels that you have a safe, helpful and enjoyable experience on our forum.

Please ensure that you familiarise yourself with our community guidelines below. Any posts that do not adhere to these guidelines will be edited, or removed, and may result in users being banned.

We invite you to help us enforce these guidelines by using the “Flag” button to report any content you believe is inappropriate.

No Private Messages

Only admins and experts may send direct messages to other users. If you need to contact a particular user please type “@” and their username to tag them. They will be notified, and can respond to you in the thread.

Don’t Disclose any Personal Information

Any posts containing personal information, telephone numbers, email addresses. Other information including credit card numbers, identification numbers, or passwords of any kind will be removed. Please exercise caution when posting any personal contact details including Facebook and other forms of social media.

No Commercial Posts

We do not permit advertising. Companies may post general comments and responses that pertain to the question, but we will remove any post that constitutes advertising or spam.

You are welcome to add a strapline linking to your blog, business or website, and you may post commercial content if it is directly relevant to the question being asked.

Keep it Respectful, Family-Friendly and Polite

It’s great to meet fellow travellers, so keep it fun and safe for all! Please do not post anything that may be considered abuse, bullying or harassment. We want our users to come back, so be patient and friendly.

Any posts that include hate-speech, prejudice, sexually explicit content, threats, insulting language, or profanity will be removed. Posts that advocate or describe illegal activities will also be removed.

Also avoid excessive use of caps, emoticons, and slang, to make sure your posts are easily readable.

Keep it Relevant

Travellers come here to seek advice and plan their trips. Please keep your personal opinions about political, ethical, religious, and social issues for other platforms. Please avoid digging up outdated and inactive posts: comment on posts that are recent and active, or start a new thread of your own.

Post Original Content

Any content plagiarized from other websites or sources will be removed.

Lauren, from Word Travels.

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